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BREAKING: School Shooting At Middle School In Noblesville, Indiana

US | Julia Nista
A shooting occurred at a middle school in Noblesville, Ind., with reports of shots fired and one injury Friday

Kansas Middle School Suspends Teacher Over Alleged Racist Remarks

Education | Annabel Scott
'The school administration promptly began an investigation of this concern'

PURPLE DRANK Sends 15 Middle School Kids To Nurse's Office, 6 To Hospital

Education | Eric Owens
Pro tip, youngsters! Don't drink Nyquil, vodka and Jolly Ranchers at school

TOUGH GUY: Middle School Cop Body-Slams 12-Year-Old Girl, Cuffs Her

Education | Eric Owens
'We will not tolerate excessive force in this district'

Middle School Principal Orders Boy To Remove His Elsa Costume On Disney Spirit Day

Education | Eric Owens
'Everybody was taking pictures with him'

'Gender-Neutral' Middle Schooler Drops Out After Teachers Asks Him Not To Wear A Dress

Education | Emma Colton
Superintendent: It's the school environment that needs to change, not the boy

8th Graders Lose Title Game When Final Shot Gets Stuck On Rim

Sports | Evan Wilt
How is this even possible?

School District Pulls Out On Plan To Give Condoms To SIXTH GRADERS

Education | Eric Owens
'I'd like to know if my son is sexually active'

Middle School Kids Learn How To SHAKE BABIES UNTIL THEY DIE

Education | Eric Owens
Teacher shocked when kid refuses

School That Banned Honors Night For Being Too 'Exclusive' Decides Not To Be National Laughingstock

Education | Eric Owens
Bureaucrats wither in the face of embarrassing ridicule

Federally funded sex ed program in Hawaii is anatomically incorrect

Education | Eric Owens
Would you want your kids learning this stuff?

Flick lives: Firemen have to detach middle schooler's tongue from pole

Education | Eric Owens
'You're full'a beans and so's your old man!'

Middle school principal in mucho trouble for Spanish language ban

Education | Eric Owens
'If you speak Spanish in my class, I'm gonna write you up'

Eighth-grade student arrested for setting teacher's hijab on fire

Education | Eric Owens
'It doesn't change the fact that Westdale is a fine school'

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