mike rogers

CNN’s Own National Security Analyst Thinks The 'Eternal Investigations' On Russia Should Stop

Media | Justin Caruso
'I don't know how that's helpful to the country...'

Mike Rogers Cracks 'Dad Joke,' Gets Smeared For Being Racist

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
Fake news

FACT CHECK: Did A GOP Congressman Make Fun Of Latino Accents?

Politics | David Sivak
'A dad joke'

The Man Who Ran The NSA During Some Of The Most Serious Security Breaches Is Now Stepping Down: Report

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Agency has been torn apart by security breaches over the years

Bringing A Flag To Arlington Cemetery Can Get You One Year In Jail

US | Gabrielle Okun
'They should allow it'

Trump Dismisses Russia Investigation As A 'Witch Hunt' (A Phrase He Loves)

The Mirror | Molly Alkon

Some Republicans Refuse To Remake Surveillance Laws Just Because Flynn Got Caught

US | Eric Lieberman
'Very important'

Intel Officials Blow A Gaping Hole In Media Reports That Trump Interfered

US | Chuck Ross
'I have never been pressured, I have never felt pressure'

Lindsey Graham: 'I think it's time for an FBI agent to lead the FBI'

US | Ted Goodman
'There's so many good agents'

FBI Agents Association Endorses Mike Rogers For Director

Politics | Ted Goodman
Rogers interviewed for the job Saturday

Former Top FBI Official Wants Leading Benghazi Investigator To Replace Comey

US | Ted Goodman
'Mike Rogers would be the best choice'

Border Bill Would Tax Illegal Immigrants To Pay For Wall

Politics | Kerry Picket
'This bill keeps money in the American economy'

Will The GOP Remake Surveillance Laws After Trump Leaks?

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'I can't be sure the leak was from an Obama political appointee'

The Private Market Is Demolishing America's Premiere Spying Agency

US | Eric Lieberman
'What we did is enrage people'

The Internet Has Officially Become A Domain Of Warfare

National Security | Eric Lieberman
Is cyber-warfare imminent?

Director Of The NSA Goes ROGUE, Travels To Meet Trump Amid Calls For His Ousting

World | Ryan Pickrell
Man accused of serious administrative failures may be next Director of National Intelligence

Mike Rogers Kicked Off Trump Transition Teamƒ

Politics | Russ Read
Anyone close to Christie is being removed

Think The Cold War Was Bad? Former Intel Chairman Says There Are More Spies In US Now Than Ever

National Security | Jonah Bennett
'And they’re stealing everything'

NSA Director Tells China It Is 'As Vulnerable As Any Other' In Cyberspace

Tech | Steve Ambrose
Director of the NSA Mike Rogers warned China that it is not immune from cyber attacks.

Top Spook Describes What NSA Does 91 Percent Of The Time When It Finds A Software Vulnerability

Tech | Steve Ambrose
A panel of national security experts discusses cybersecurity challenges facing the United States.

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