milton friedman

Goodbye, Paul Ryan. Hello, Larry Kudlow

op-ed | Joanne Butler
Is this development also the end of slavish adherence to Milton Friedman's trade philosophy?

Modern Conservatism Is An Utter Failure

Opinion | John Conlin
A paradigm shift is what is required.

The Moral Case For Low Taxation

Opinion | David Weinberger
Tax cuts don't cause poverty. In fact, there is evidence that that contrary is true.

Trump Tax Reform Plan Offers Promise of Long Overdue Economic Recovery

Opinion | Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara
America needs a tax cut to restore essential booming growth.

It's Time For Environmental Accountability

Opinion | Aubrey Bettencourt
It’s Time For Environmental Accountability

Presidential Reagan Library Debate: Time to Revisit Reagan's Pro-growth Tax Policies

Opinion | Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara
Reagan had it right intuitively and objectively.

Europe Needs Free Trade, But Not the Euro

Opinion | Benjamin Powell
The Euro will ultimately fail because the member countries have no incentive to keep their debts in check.

Milton Friedman Proved Right On The Euro

Business | Guy Bentley
The Eurozone disaster, in just one paragraph

Think Tank: Vouchers Have Saved Taxpayers $1.7 Billion

Education | Blake Neff
Milton Friedman knows best

The End Of Venezuela's Oldest Newspaper, And What It Means For Us

Opinion | Andrew Glidden
Economic freedom and freedom of speech are more closely connected than we think.

To Combat Youth Unemployment, Start With School Choice

Opinion | Robert Enlow
As Milton Friedman's birthday is celebrated this week, let's remember one of his best ideas.

That time Milton Friedman DEMOLISHED Phil Donahue's anti-capitalism rant

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
'Where in the world do you find these angels who are going to organize society for us?'

The fallacy of the 'revenue neutral' tax

Opinion | Glenn Jacobs
If a politician tells you that a tax hike will be revenue neutral, don't believe him.

TheDC Video Vault: Milton Friedman on how the pencil explains the free market

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
'What brought [people] together and induced them to cooperate and make this pencil? It was the magic of the price system'

BARR CODE: Leave Google alone

Opinion | Bob Barr
Congress is persecuting Google for its success.

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