Trump: I 'Absolutely' Want Ben Carson In My Cabinet

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘I would love to have that.’

Trump Roasts 'Loooser' Editor: 'You've Got To Take A Guy Like That Off The Air'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘He lost control of himself. It was actually sad.’

'Morning Joe' Panel Eviscerates Clinton's Pipeline Announcement

Politics | Steve Guest

Clinton’s ‘politics are just bad’

'Morning Joe' Hosts Blast Hillary Clinton For Starting Rumors That Obama Is A Muslim

Elections | Steve Guest

‘We’re just telling the truth’

Chris Christie: 'I'm Ratings Magic'

Elections | Steve Guest

Mika Brzezinski on Christie’s debate performance: he ‘did great last night’

MSNBC Host To Clinton Lackey: 'You Can't Disagree With Facts'

Politics | Steve Guest

Clearly can’t take him seriously

Chuck Todd Doesn't Buy Hillary's 'Apology'

Elections | Steve Guest

Geist: ‘Fine, I’ll apologize. You happy now, let’s move on’

Brzezinski, 'Morning Joe' Panel Have A Meltdown Over State Of Hillary's Campaign

Elections | Steve Guest

‘The issue isn’t about the people around her, but about her’

Latino Group Blasts MSNBC's Latest Lineup Change

US | Neal Earley
Jose Diaz-Balart

Sanchez said his group will show ‘strong opposition’ to the decision

MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' Will Now Be Four Hours

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

There are other changes ahead

Mika Forced To Admit Hillary May Have Used State Dept To Send Business To Clinton Foundation

Politics | Steve Guest

‘That a lot of those emails or a percentage have to do with Hillary Clinton’s political future’

Scarborough Cheers MSNBC Firing Liberal Hosts

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Thanks, Andy!’

James Carville Denies Hillary Is At Fault For Her Actions Regarding Private Email Scandal

Politics | Steve Guest

Carville would call it a ‘nonscandal’

Morning Joe Slams Hillary: She's 'Dependent On People Not Being Smart, Which I Think Is Really Condescending'

Politics | Steve Guest

So many things Hillary has said ‘have been proven wrong’

Trump: 'Joe, I Would Pay Mika So Much More Your Head Would Spin'

Politics | Steve Guest

‘This is one of the things we have to look at very strongly’

Bob Woodward Says Hillary's Emails Remind Him Of Nixon's Tapes

Politics | Derek Draplin

‘The answers are probably not going to be pretty.’

'Morning Joe' Panel Blasts Hillary's Handling Of Her Private Email Server

Elections | Steve Guest

‘They are playing it up as if it’s a partisan witch-hunt like the vast right wing conspiracy.’

MSNBC Host: Clinton Thinks We're Stupid, But I'd Still Vote For Her

Elections | Derek Hunter

‘You think the American public is that stupid? That’s very insulting!’

'Morning Joe' Host Praises Bret Baier For Keeping 'Gotcha' Moments Out Of GOP Debate

Politics | Christian Datoc
'Morning Joe' Host Praises Bret Baier For Keeping 'Gotcha' Moments Out Of GOP Debate (Getty Images)

‘Bret’s a winner and a credit to the profession he serves.’

Rick Perry Gives Bizarre, Bumbling Answer To Straightforward Question On 'Morning Joe'

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Uhhhh… I’d rather have half a loaf than no loaf.’