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Randi Goes Rogue: Three Secrets About Teacher Tenure And Seniority

Randi Weingarten YouTube screenshot/Clinton Global Initiative

Teacher-tenure fights pit old guard union members against newer, often better, teachers.

'WATERSHED MOMENT': Scarborough Pleased With Outrage At Police Militarization

‘Looked like they were on a power trip, playing soldier’

'Morning Joe' Crew Horrified By 'Ungracious' Justin Amash Victory Speech

‘Not good for America’

Scarborough: 'We Cannot Be Associated With' Israeli Offensive

‘This continued killing of women and children in a way that appears to be indiscriminate is asinine’

Mark Halperin Is Critical Of Obama's Border Decision

“He’s not doing the job we hired him to do”

Joe Scarborough Slams Hillary Clinton For Changing Child Rapist Story

‘Hillary Clinton chose to do this’

MSNBC Hosts Rip Obama Admin For Losing Lerner Emails

‘Love how they use the word recycled… we were earth friendly!’

McCain Gets Cranky After HuffPo Reporter Asks If 'Victory' In Iraq Means Endless Occupation

‘I’m sorry for your confusion, but …’

'Morning Joe' Panel Savages NYT On Gender Pay Gap, Predicts 'Backlash' From Women

‘There’s still an old boy culture in The New York Times’

Mark Halperin Makes Inappropriate Gesture On 'Morning Joe,' Gets Rebuked By Scarborough

‘You got to stop doing that, OK? We’re on the air’

'Morning Joe' Shreds Jay Carney On Benghazi Blather

‘So paranoid about giving an inch to their opponents that they withhold too much’

Peter King: Rand Paul 'feeding paranoia' about national security state

Would be ‘disastrous’ commander-in-chief

'Morning Joe' mocks census changes that will make tracking Obamacare harder

‘A particularly clumsy effort’ to cook the books

'Morning Joe' breaks taboo: Hillary Clinton didn't actually accomplish much of anything

‘Is there a one big crowning achievement where you see her right there and then in a crisis moment as secretary of state?’

Joe Scarborough suggests de Blasio in over his head after 'ridiculous' snowstorm response

‘A question of basic governance’

'Morning Joe's' conflicts of interest

Joe Scarborough

Trouble in ‘Morning Joe’ paradise?

TheDC's Matt Lewis sets off 'Morning Joe' firestorm with 'Duck Dynasty' defense

‘If you disagree with homosexuality . . . keep your mouth shut’

'Morning Joe' cracks up over 'pajama boy' ad: 'Looks like he's out of a bad Vampire Weekend CD'

'That's gonna get 'em on Main Street'

MATT LEWIS: Joe Scarborough's on 'The Right Path'

Joe Scarborough

If you were expecting Joe Scarborough’s latest book, The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan, to be a jeremiad against the tea party, you’ll be disappointed.

Krauthammer: How liberalism could be 'set back a full generation'

Charles Krauthammer

‘We are at a crisis of the welfare state’