Bill Kristol: Mitch McConnell Is 'Pathetic' For Supporting Trump

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‘They should have a little more self respect’

NYC Dem Calls Trump A Sadistic Sociopath On Morning Joe [VIDEO]

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‘It is sadistic and it is sociopathic’

Joe Biden Tells Putin: 'You Have No Soul'

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‘I wasn’t being a wise guy’

Morning Joe's Mika Mocks Trump, Compares Him To Homer Simpson

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‘I wish you would not insult Homer Simpson’

Sen. Jeff Flake Dismisses Poll Numbers That Show Him Losing In Primary Race

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‘I think I’ll stay where I am’

Watch: 'Morning Joe's' Mika Can't Handle Video Of Trump

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‘Oh my God. Stop, stop’

Mika Makes Up Entirely New Word In Nonsensical Anti-Trump Rant

Politics | Justin Caruso
MSNBC screenshot

‘It’s bad on so many levels …’

Joe Scarborough: Democrats Still Have No Plan On How To Govern

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‘Still don’t have a governing philosophy’

'Morning Joe' Regular Compares Trump's Tweets To 'Dropping A Turd'

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‘Don’t know that I would have put it that way’

Morning Joe's Mika Greeted With Awkward Silence After Bashing Trump

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‘This is about grievance’

Sen. Pat Toomey On Tax Reform: Both Sides Can Find Common Ground

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’35 percent corporate tax rate is ridiculous’

People 'Still In Therapy' Because Of Trump Victory, Reporter Claims

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‘Do not know how to go forward’

Rand Paul: There's No 'Winnable Solution' In Afghanistan

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‘Don’t think democracy is going to work’

'Morning Joe' Shreds Luis Gutierrez For Attacking Gen. Kelly's Military Service [VIDEO]

Politics | Peter Hasson

Gutierrez, who never served, calling Gen. Kelly a ‘disgrace to the uniform.’