Ron Paul fanatics similar to Justin Bieber fanatics says Ann Coulter - TheDC

Entertainment | Jeff Poor

‘Yes they’re fanatics and they’re slightly crazy. But at least unlike Ron Paul supporters, they’re still 10 years old’

Top-selling songs of 2010 [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Entertainment | The Daily Caller

While some new artists emerged, this year’s list is dominated primarily by big-time performers who released numerous billboard hits throughout the year

Teena Marie: A tribute to the ultimate collaborator - MTV

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

The music world lost another great unsung icon over the weekend, as R&B singer Teena Marie passed away on Sunday at the age of 54

The moments that defined YouTube in 2010 [VIDEO] - TheDC

Entertainment | The Daily Caller

YouTube has introduced a new channel, ‘Rewind,’ so viewers can relive the videos, performances and moments that defined the site in 2010

Underwood top winner at American Country Awards - AP

Business | admin

When it comes to Las Vegas, Carrie Underwood is a sure bet

Can't be tamed: Miley turns 18 [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Entertainment | The Daily Caller

Much to the satisfaction of many (but perhaps to the chagrin of father Billy Ray Cyrus), Miley Cyrus has finally reached the age of consent

Big stars share the spotlight at Country Music Awards - LAT

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Texas country music firebrand Miranda Lambert won big at the 44th Country Music Assn. Awards ceremony on Wednesday in Nashville, taking home trophies for best album, top female vocalist and top video

Gwyneth Paltrow walks a fine line with 'Country Strong' - LAT

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

‘Country Strong’s’ unlikely performer — and star of an upcoming movie of the same name — is Gwyneth Paltrow, one of Hollywood’s most citified actresses

Antoine Dodson's BET Awards show performance [VIDEO] - Gawker

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

One of the greatest internet memes of our time, Dodson blew the audience away with a quick rendition of his hit song, ‘Bed Intruder’

The most awkward moments of the 2010 VMAs [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Entertainment | Alec Jacobs

Historically, MTV’s Video Music Awards are less award show and more a compilation of awkward people and moments — here are the top moments from this year’s show

LiLo takes on Chelsea Handler's drinking in VMAs skit [VIDEO] - PopEater

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Fresh out of jail and rehab, Lindsay Lohan made her first appearance back on the Hollywood scene during a scripted skit for Chelsea Handler’s VMA entrance

Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift, releases new song - LAT

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Consider it a resolution to the ‘Introduction Eruption,’ the overblown media hailstorm that barraged Kanye West following his interruption of Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 VMA’s

Summer 2010: Hollywood hits & misses [SLIDESHOW] - LAT

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

We’ve seen a lot this summer: from alleged recordings of Mel Gibson berating his ex-girlfriend to Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception,’ here’s a look at entertainment’s year in review

'Glee' boys help host Teen Choice Awards - MTV News

Entertainment | interns

Katy Perry will co-host with 4 of the male stars during the August 9 awards show

Brown's passionate performance [VIDEO] - CBS

Entertainment | interns

BET viewers got more than their tickets’ worth when Brown shed tears before singing ‘Man in the Mirror’

Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood big winners at CMT Music Awards - People

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Still recovering from the recent devastating floods, Nashville got its groove back in a big way Wednesday night at the CMT Music Awards

Russell Brand talks hiring sex teams to find women in June Playboy - The Daily Caller

Entertainment | Julia McClatchy (admin)

Russell Brand is not one to hold back. In the June issue of Playboy, he opens up about…everything