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Michigan Candidate Slammed For Making Claims About Islamic 'Civilization Jihad' In U.S.

US | Joshua Gill
'I call you a coward'

French Court Refuses To Release Oxford Islamic Scholar Accused Of Rape

World | Joshua Gill
'Pounced on me like a wild animal'

Saudi Clean Up May Touch Regime Opponents In The U.S

Opinion | Theodore Karasik
Crown Prince means business

Boston’s New Islamic Seminary Is Radicalizing The Next Generation Of Clerics

Opinion | Mauro Lubrano
Too many Islamic organizations are just extremist fronts.

Diversity Is Radical Islam's Greatest Weakness

Opinion | Lawrence Sellin
Exploiting fractures in the ideology could allow the U.S. to achieve its goals with less blood.

Egyptian Police Ambush, Shoot Upstart Terror Leaders In Cairo

World | Russ Read
The security officers got revenge for an earlier string of attacks

‘Girls’ Clothes Are The Gateway To Rape,’ According To Yemeni Sheikh

World | Amanda Tidwell
'A lot of girls have been raped due to clothes that appeal to a man’s animal instincts and desires'

Turkish Embassy In Israel Hosts Leader Of Outlawed Islamist Movement

US | Joshua Gill
'Peace and wellbeing for the people'

Egyptian Lawmaker Praises Law Cracking Down On NGOs

World | Kerry Picket
'They never stick to their word. That they wait for the right moment to attack'

The Muslim Brotherhood Lobbies Congress

Opinion | Cynthia Farahat
Islamists use front organizations to gain influence.

Celebrity Prof Reza Aslan Brings His ‘Islamophobia’ Show To Penn

Opinion | Gregg Roman
Aslan's goal is to downplay the danger poses by Islamist groups.

Report Claims Muslim Brotherhood Is Creating 'Parallel Society' In Sweden

World | Jacob Bojesson
Active since 1970s

Here's What Trump Administration Officials Think Of The Muslim Brotherhood

Politics | Chuck Ross
Trump is considering labeling the Brotherhood a terror group

Report: White House May Slap Muslim Brotherhood With Terrorist Designation

Politics | Chuck Ross

Yale Professor Andrew March: Legal Protections For Advocates Of Terror

Opinion | Mitchell Bard
March seeks to silence anyone with the temerity to challenge his views.

Trump Terrorism Platform May Contain Two Contentious Proposals

World | Saagar Enjeti
'designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization'

Republicans Propose Bills Designating Iranian Guard And Muslim Brotherhood As Terror Groups

Politics | Kerry Picket
'long overdue'

Twitter Verifies Muslim Brotherhood Account After Booting Alt-Right Users

Tech | David Krayden
Which is more offensive?

Hillary Clinton Knew She Was Helping Islamists Move Into Power In Libya

World | Patrick Howley
'The real power lies with the Libyan Brotherhood'

Erdogan's Academics: Middle East Studies Scholars Shill For A Tyrant

Opinion | A.J. Caschetta
They bring dishonor to their profession and the institutions they represent.

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