Bruce Reed tapped as new Chief of Staff for Biden - Time Magazine

Politics | interns

Long time advisor to Biden, Bruce Reed, has been tapped as his new Chief of Staff

GARY JOHNSON: The Deficit Commission's report is a good start, but only a start - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Gary Johnson

While the Deficit Commission’s report may be the boldest such document we have seen from official Washington in a long time, it isn’t bold enough.

What's the problem with earmarks?

Opinion | Mattie Corrao

Earmarks encourage wasteful spending.

Conservatives should support defense spending cuts

Opinion | Mattie Corrao

Defense spending has exploded under Obama. It’s time to cut defense spending back to Bush-era levels.

'Tits' for tat - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

NOW delivers ‘tits’ to protest Alan Simpson and his social security reform efforts

Liberals skeptical of OMB appointee because he likes the free market - The Hill

Politics | interns

Some Democrats are expressing reservations about the President’s appointee to head the OMB because of market-driven reforms that occurred during his tenure in the Clinton administration

Is there a VAT in our future?

Opinion | Janice Shaw Crouse

Clearly, VAT is not the solution; the problem is not a revenue shortage, but government over-spending

Obama fiscal commission to meet April 27 - The Daily Caller

Politics | Jon Ward

‘Our daunting fiscal challenges can be solved only through the efforts of experienced, principled individuals of good will,’ says co-chairs’ letter

Pelosi appoints three fiscal commission participants

| Mike Riggs
This commission will be responsible for working in a bipartisan way to propose steps to address our long-term debt, bring down the deficit, and ensure that the federal government returns to fiscal discipline

An opportunity for tax reform?

op-ed | Douglas Holtz-Eakin

The road to tax reform includes the recognition of the importance of low marginal tax rates, the need to support the upward mobility of Americans, and the danger of inefficient tax-subsidies to favored forms of consumption