Think Global Warming Is Causing Warm Winter Weather? Think Again

Energy | Andrew Follett
Young boys play in a park during an unusually warm winter day in the Brooklyn borough of New York December 15, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Environmentalists on Twitter promptly blamed the warm temps. on global warming

You Might Be Surprised By How Much Kim Kardashian Knows About Kim Jong-Un

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Or maybe you won’t

NPR's Ombudsman Is A Drooling Moron Who Doesn't Understand The First Amendment

US | Eric Owens
YouTube screenshot/NPR, YouTube screenshot

Would American courts allow Charlie Hebdo? NPR DUDE IS CLUELESS

NPR�s War On Genetic Engineering

Opinion | Henry Miller

The show’s anti-GMO bias is systemic and pervasive.

Juan Williams on Benghazi: 'It deserved news attention' [VIDEO]

Ginni Thomas | Grae Stafford

Former NPR contributor: ‘It was a critical story’

Congressman asks NPR for documents about its use of lobbyist in Congress - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Rep. Lamborn: ‘I am a private supporter’ of NPR, but ‘I believe taxpayers should not be on the hook’

NPR host 'temporarily' steps down while husband works to re-elect Obama - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

‘I will be leaving the host chair at the end of this week, but I’m not going far’

NPR host and Occupy DC rep fired from one radio show, staying at another - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

The Daily Caller reported Wednesday that show host was violating ethics policy by representing Occupy DC

NPR host doubling as 'Occupy DC' spox fired from syndicated radio program - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle

Report: NPR official read ethics policy over phone while dismissing Lisa Simeone

NPR 'in conversations' on how to handle ethics violation - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle

On Occupy DC conflict of interest: ‘We of course take this issue very seriously’

NPR host doubles as Occupy DC spox, despite ethics violation - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle

NPR: Reporters cannot ‘engage in public relations work, paid or unpaid’

NPR host: 'Taliban has never been an enemy of the U.S.' - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘The Takeaway’ host Hockenberry challenges the argument that Afghanistan under Taliban rule would be a launching point for terrorists

NPR blogger doesn't understand why some doubt tornado-climate change connection - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle

‘Here’s what I don’t get: What motivates a denier?’

NPR hires firm to lobby for its taxpayer funding - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

Rep. Doug Lamborn says that NPR’s ‘attempt to buy goodwill on the Hill will go nowhere’

NPR survives deal - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

The continuation of funding for public broadcasting is one of several significant victories for Democrats

We didn't invent sex or shutdowns

Opinion | Stuart Roy

Republicans can avoid a government shutdown. Will they?

NPR cans search plans for news executive until it hires new CEO - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle

National Public Radio’s interim CEO Joyce Slocum announced the taxpayer-subsidized radio network will stop searching for a senior vice president for News

Public broadcasting: the problem is tilt, not bias

Opinion | Trevor Burrus

It is irrelevant which way public broadcasting “tilts.” What matters is that it tilts at all.

WILLIAMS: NPR is radio by and for liberal Democrats - The Hill

Politics | Vince Coglianese

Juan Williams, having avoided calling for NPR’s defunding, now supports the move

House votes to defund National Public Radio - TheDC

Politics | Matthew Boyle

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to defund NPR from all public sources of funding