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Obama Revisits The Time He Was ADOPTED

Barack Obama

Chief Lame Duck

In Wisconsin, Big Chief Walker signs new Indian mascot bill

Scott Walker Wisconsin

Critics including ACLU squawk like angry magpie, have sickness in head cannot fix with medicine

Average American Indian has no co-pays under Obamacare

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Free ride for those of tribal ancestry

What's under this Indian burial ground?

Vatican Pope Saints.JPEG

See what’s happening to ‘sacred land’

Indian tribes sue 'rogue' NY finance official

Vatican Pope Saints.JPEG

‘The states have no authority to regulate these tribes in a way that limits their sovereign pride’

NY finance official on the warpath against Native American payday lenders

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‘Tribes are used to having to fight against states’

Poarch Creek Indian grad fined $1,000 for wearing eagle feather at high school graduation

Chelsey Ramer. Photo: WPMI-TV screenshot

‘I feel like it’s kind of discrimination against me’

Victoria's Secret pulls hot model from broadcast for being politically incorrect [PHOTOS] - TheDC

Karlie Kloss Victoria's Secret show

American Indian groups pissed off over sexy model in headdress

UN Indian land claims hatched on campus

US law professors are playing a key role in the effort to force the US to return large swaths of land to Native American tribes.