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We've Got Some New Sheriffs In Energy Town - And Their Names Are Oil And Gas

op-ed | David Williams
The economic benefits of energy investments extend to the whole nation.

US Shatters All-Time Record For Natural Gas Usage During Arctic Freeze

Energy | Chris White
Prices for natural gas skyrocketed

Methane Emissions From Oil And Gas Are Plummeting Without Obama Rule

Energy | Chris White
Emission levels tumbled between 2011 and 2016

Here's What You Won't Hear About Claims That Fracking Is Hurting Babies

Energy | Chris White
The report is fatally flawed

Protect Our National Economy By Harnessing Our Natural Gas Supply

Opinion | James 'Spider' Marks
The sooner pipelines are built, the safer our economy will be.

Did Fossil Fuels Create Earth's Oxygen Supply?

Energy | Andrew Follett
Fossil fuel may have also triggered the creation of complex animal life

'Largest Mass Mobilization For Climate Action In History' Draws 'Less Than 100' People

Energy | Chris White
They might have chosen the wrong state

T. Boone Pickens: You Get Rid Of Oil, You Stop The World

Elections | Chris White
'You get rid of fossil fuels, and you’ll stop the world'

Newfield To Aquire $470 Million In Assets From Chesapeake

Business | Reuters
'We anticipate subsequent divestitures during the second and third quarters'

Coal Miner Gets Hillary To Apologize For Saying She'd Put Him Out Of Work

Energy | Chris White
'What I said was totally out of context from what I meant'

Greenie Groups In Utah Argue Over Whether Fossil Fuel Divestment Is Pointless

Energy | Chris White
'The Senate's president ... is dead set against divestment, calling it a 'divisive political gesture'

Exclusive: Anti-Fracking Groups Are Recruiting Greenies To Get Arrested For The Movement

Energy | Chris White
'I honestly don’t know what getting arrested accomplishes; it doesn’t seem very productive to me'

State Bans On Hydraulic Fracturing Stymie American Prosperity

Opinion | Randy Simmons and Brian Isom
Residents of New York are being denied, to satisfy the interests of lawmakers and environmental groups.

Russia Aims To Privatize Its Largest State-Controlled Oil Company

Energy | Chris White
Will divest 69.5 percent of its shares in Rosneft

Top Eco-Activist Bashes Dems For Supporting Natural Gas -- Except He Did It Once Too

Energy | Chris White
'The last year has seen new discoveries of natural gas that could help wean us off dirtier coal'

US Natural Gas Wells Might Stymie A Recovering Oil Market

Energy | Chris White
'As prices have inched up, the backlog has slowly reduced, meaning producers have started to put the wells back online'

Inhofe: VW Should Pay For Scandal By Producing Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles

Energy | Chris White
'Instead of picking a specific technology winner (EV), EPA would gain more value from including natural gas vehicles ... in the agreement'

The Science-Free Fracking Views Of Hillary And Bernie

Opinion | Keith Mauck
Today, both candidates are listening to the naysayers.

Former Oil Tycoon Tapped Brakes TWICE Before Crashing Vehicle

Energy | Chris White
'I'm not going to speculate on what that tapping of the brake could mean'

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right With Bipartisan Energy Bill

Opinion | Margo Thorning
Senate Democrats should stop playing politics with America's energy future.

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