We've Got Some New Sheriffs In Energy Town - And Their Names Are Oil And Gas

op-ed | David Williams
Workers on an oil rig. (Shutterstock)

The economic benefits of energy investments extend to the whole nation.

US Shatters All-Time Record For Natural Gas Usage During Arctic Freeze

Energy | Chris White
People help dig out a car from a parking spot after two days of record-breaking snowfall in Erie

Prices for natural gas skyrocketed

Methane Emissions From Oil And Gas Are Plummeting Without Obama Rule

Energy | Chris White
BOISE, IDAHO/USA - FEBRUARY 22, 2016: Protesters warning of the dangers of fracking in Boise, Idaho (Shutterstock/txking)

Emission levels tumbled between 2011 and 2016

Here's What You Won't Hear About Claims That Fracking Is Hurting Babies

Energy | Chris White
NEW YORK CITY - OCTOBER 19 2013: Environmental org, Food & Water Watch, sponsors a rally against fracking, an environmentally dubious method of extracting natural gas October 19 2013 in New York City (Shutterstock.com / a katz)

The report is fatally flawed

Protect Our National Economy By Harnessing Our Natural Gas Supply

Opinion | James 'Spider' Marks
Fracking In California Under Spotlight As Some Local Municipalities Issue Bans

The sooner pipelines are built, the safer our economy will be.

Did Fossil Fuels Create Earth's Oxygen Supply?

Energy | Andrew Follett
woman on the beach taking deep breath enjoying fresh air freedom (Shutterstock/HBRH)

Fossil fuel may have also triggered the creation of complex animal life

'Largest Mass Mobilization For Climate Action In History' Draws 'Less Than 100' People

Energy | Chris White
NEW YORK CITY - OCTOBER 19 2013: Environmental org, Food & Water Watch, sponsors a rally against fracking, an environmentally dubious method of extracting natural gas October 19 2013 in New York City Shutterstock.com / a katz

They might have chosen the wrong state

T. Boone Pickens: You Get Rid Of Oil, You Stop The World

Elections | Chris White

‘You get rid of fossil fuels, and you’ll stop the world’

Newfield To Aquire $470 Million In Assets From Chesapeake

Business | Reuters
Chesapeake Energy Corporation's 50 acre campus is seen in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, April 17, 2012

‘We anticipate subsequent divestitures during the second and third quarters’

Coal Miner Gets Hillary To Apologize For Saying She'd Put Him Out Of Work

Energy | Chris White
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared at Shomburg Center in Harlem to outline her vision for America's future. (a katz / Shutterstock.com)

‘What I said was totally out of context from what I meant’

Greenie Groups In Utah Argue Over Whether Fossil Fuel Divestment Is Pointless

Energy | Chris White
Hugging trees to support nature (Shutterstock/Gidl)

‘The Senate’s president … is dead set against divestment, calling it a ‘divisive political gesture’

Exclusive: Anti-Fracking Groups Are Recruiting Greenies To Get Arrested For The Movement

Energy | Chris White
August 4, 2014: Woman at a Moral Monday rally holds a sign protesting fracking amid a gathering crowd of demonstrators on August 4, 2014 in downtown Asheville, NC (J. Bicking / Shutterstock.com)

‘I honestly don’t know what getting arrested accomplishes; it doesn’t seem very productive to me’

State Bans On Hydraulic Fracturing Stymie American Prosperity

Opinion | Randy Simmons and Brian Isom

Residents of New York are being denied, to satisfy the interests of lawmakers and environmental groups.

Russia Aims To Privatize Its Largest State-Controlled Oil Company

Energy | Chris White
A worker walks past a pump jack on an oil field owned by Bashneft company near the village of Nikolo-Berezovka, northwest from Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, in this January 28, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin/Files

Will divest 69.5 percent of its shares in Rosneft

Top Eco-Activist Bashes Dems For Supporting Natural Gas -- Except He Did It Once Too

Energy | Chris White
An man is covered with a multi-colored banner with the message, "Climate" as environmentalists attend a demonstration near the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) that meets in Le Bourget, December 12, 2015. REUTERS/Mal Langsdon

‘The last year has seen new discoveries of natural gas that could help wean us off dirtier coal’

US Natural Gas Wells Might Stymie A Recovering Oil Market

Energy | Chris White
A rig contracted by Apache Corp drills a horizontal well in a search for oil and natural gas in the Wolfcamp shale located in the Permian Basin in West Texas October 29, 2013. At a dusty Texas oilfield, Apache Corp has eliminated its reliance on what arguably could be the biggest long-term constraint for fracking wells in the arid western United States: scarce freshwater. In Irion County, where Apache is drilling dozens of Wolfcamp shale wells in the Permian Basin, the company is meeting its water needs for hydraulic fracturing by using brackish water from the Santa Rosa aquifer and recycling water from wells and fracking using chemicals. Photo taken October 29, 2013. (REUTERS/Terry Wade)

‘As prices have inched up, the backlog has slowly reduced, meaning producers have started to put the wells back online’

Inhofe: VW Should Pay For Scandal By Producing Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles

Energy | Chris White

‘Instead of picking a specific technology winner (EV), EPA would gain more value from including natural gas vehicles … in the agreement’

The Science-Free Fracking Views Of Hillary And Bernie

Opinion | Keith Mauck
Democratic U.S. presidential candidates Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton pose before the start of the Univision News and Washington Post Democratic U.S. presidential candidates debate in Kendall, Florida March 9, 2016. (REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

Today, both candidates are listening to the naysayers.

Former Oil Tycoon Tapped Brakes TWICE Before Crashing Vehicle

Energy | Chris White
Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and Co-founder of Chesapeake Energy Corporation Aubrey McClendon walks through the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, in this file photo taken March 26, 2012. REUTERS/Sean Gardner/Files

‘I’m not going to speculate on what that tapping of the brake could mean’

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right With Bipartisan Energy Bill

Opinion | Margo Thorning
REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Senate Democrats should stop playing politics with America’s energy future.