Hollywood Hypocrites: Subversive Content Outweighs Ratings

Opinion | Dan Isett
TV-Hannibal-Episode Pulled.JPEG

…but that hasn’t stopped them from pushing the envelope.

NBC's Brian Williams: I Was Followed To Snowden Interview In Russia

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘This was a big secret’

NBC Supports Illegal Aliens With #RefugeeRiders

Politics | Aaron Bandler

‘It’s going to boil down to politics’

Report: NBC Wants To Hire Pippa Middleton

US | Kaitlan Collins
Pippa Middleton

Please, please, please

MORNING BRO: What's the deal with David Gregory?

Business | Morning Bro

Nice hair, bro

Seth Meyers disses Joe Biden

Entertainment | Jamie Weinstein
Joe Biden

Biden just can’t get no respect

'Rapper's Delight' fight: FOX's Bret Baier welcomes a 'rap-off' with NBC's Brian Williams

Entertainment | Heather Hunter

‘It’s really, really strong’

PUTIN PROPAGANDA: NBC's Bob Costas portrays Russian leader as great peacemaker

Opinion | Jamie Weinstein

NBC’s looking a lot like Russia Today

Age discrimination suit rocks NBC

US | Evan Gahr
April 30, 2013: President Obama is asked a question by NBC's White House Chief Correspondent Chuck Todd in the Brady Press briefing room at the White House. (REUTERS)

Former Chuck Todd cameraman claims Peacock Network threw him out for ‘young blood’

Is the Left taking over sports, too?

Sports | Matt K. Lewis
Middle-aged hippies protesting the Redskins. AP.

And it’s not just because Keith Olbermann is back at ESPN

RNC officially bans Republican candidates from CNN and NBC primary debates

Politics | Alex Pappas
Bill Clinton & Hillary Rodham Clinton

Committee demands networks drop planned Hillary Clinton productions

Watch the anti-Keystone XL ad that not even NBC would air

Business | Michael Bastasch

And why NBC said no

George Zimmerman's trial by media mob

Opinion | Andrew Marcus
Neighborhood Watch.JPEG

A big settlement from NBC would be fitting, since they helped demonize and endanger him.

Aired on NBC News: 'We don't know sh*t'

Video | Jeff Poor

As Brian Williams handed broadcast off to New England Cable News, a communication mix-up results in profanity being aired

Sorry, but NBC isn't bringing back 'Friends'

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
Friends (Photo: NBC)

A completely unreliable source claims that NBC is reviving the beloved comedy next year, but it’s not happening

Sean Hannity rips Chris Matthews for playing race card

Politics | Jeff Poor

‘Some of this false narrative about what it means to be a conservative has stuck because a lie has been repeated often enough’

Someone thinks making a TV show about Jessica Simpson's life is a great idea

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
NBC developing pilot about Jessica Simpson's life

NBC is developing a pilot about Jessica Simpson starring Jessica Simpson

Jenna Elfman of NBC's '1600 Penn' praises Michelle Obama [VIDEO] - TheDC

Entertainment | Nicholas Ballasy
Actress Jenna Elfman attends the Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection 2012 Fashion Show at Hammerstein Ballroom on February 8, 2012 in New York City. Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America.

Stars of the NBC sitcom ‘1600 Penn’ visit Washington