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EPA drones spy on farmers in Nebraska and Iowa - TheDC

EPA accused of violating privacy of farmers in Iowa and Nebraska

Congressmen enraged that the EPA is snooping on cattle ranches

Fischer holds large lead over Kerrey in Nebraska Senate race - TheDC

GOP Senate Insurgents Deb Fischer

Tea party-backed candidate is coming off an upset win in the Republican primary

Tea party-backed Fischer pulls upset in Nebraska GOP Senate race - AP

Deb Fischer Nebraska Senate Race

Her opponent state Attorney General Jon Bruning had the backing of many GOP establishment figures

Nebraska GOP Senate race turns toward Fast and Furious over frontrunner's support of Holder - TheDC

Eric Holder

‘Bruning supported Eric Holder because Bruning wanted to go along to get along’

Santorum endorses Bruning in bitter Nebraska GOP Senate primary - TheDC

Santorum NRA

Santorum calls Bruning the strongest conservative candidate to defeat Bob Kerrey in November’

Consultant: Bob Kerrey reconsidering US Senate run - AP

Kerrey Senate.JPEG

Kerrey could announce a decision as soon as Wednesday

Ex-Sen. Bob Kerrey not running again for Neb. seat - AP

Kerrey Senate.JPEG

Kerrey shuts down Democrats’ best chance to hold the seat

Death tax showdown heads to Warren Buffett's home state - TheDC

US President Barack Obama awards the 201

Nebraska to hold hearings on on estate tax, governor backs abolition

As conferences realign, many college rivalries torn up - USA TODAY

Florida LSU Football.JPEG

Many big time college football rivalries torn up as conferences reconfigure

FreedomWorks PAC endorses challenger to Ben Nelson - TheDC

Ben Nelson to retire

Don Stenberg is running to replace the man behind the ‘Cornhusker Kickback’

Tea Party Express names Sen. Ben Nelson as a 'top target' - CNN

Sal Russo, chief strategist of the Tea Party Express, says the group will make Democrat Ben Nelson of Nebraska one of their top targets in 2012

State governments begin 2011 absurdly - TheDC

A ban on pedestrians’ headphones and license plates on bikes are just a couple of the ridiculous bills state legislatures have proposed since 2011 began

Down in the polls, Nelson wants the Senate to 'get rid of this aisle!' - TheDC

“We could sit not by party but by state, or by alphabet…”

Poinsettia Bowl to go on despite flooding - AP

Navy might want to bring a dry dock. San Diego State could pitch in with some bilge pumps

13-year-old busted for going on 100 MPH joyride in SUV - KETV

Middle schoolers went on joyride, leading cops to believe it was a drunk driver

TheDC Fantasy Outsider Andy Hayes: Week 11 - TheDC

Sports columnist Andy Hayes makes his picks on what players to use this week

Woman plays role of artist in attempt to carve her name from boyfriend's neck - The Smoking Gun

Amerson was booked into the Lancaster County jail, court hearing scheduled for this afternoon

TheDC Outsider: Week 3 WRs, TEs, DST, Ks - TheDC

Sports columnist Andy Hayes helps you decide what players you should start this week

TheDC's Sports Authority: Week 2 picks - TheDC

Sports columnist Andy Hayes breaks down Week 2 of the NFL season with analysis and predictions

Republicans set for massive gains across the country - Crystal Ball

With sixty days to go, Republicans are projected to take back control of the House of Representatives and post impressive pick-ups in Senate and gubernatorial races