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Suppress the press: The Obama administration's history of targeting the media

Barack Obama Spokesman

Obama and his allies frequently use presidential power to try to silence critics

Neil Munro hits the streets of D.C. before Inauguration Day

DC on the street

Irish-born reporter takes America’s temperature on the National Mall

TheDC's top 2012 stories, part 1: The 'Obama administration off the rails' edition - TheDC

Munro with bikini babes

A rare Rose Garden moment, and hundreds of thousands of would-be seceders

Neil Munro through the decades [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC


Neil Munro knows what really is the right thing to do, and that is be cool in every decade since the 1950s. And of course he hasn’t aged a bit

'I love you back!' Obama's favorite interrupters don't ask questions - TheDC

President seems to enjoy being interrupted when it's the loving adoration of his fans

Mark Levin goes nuclear in defense of TheDC's Neil Munro - TheDC

Obama 'uses these damn fools who pretend to be journalists, and their media outlets'

Whither the 'challenge and question authority' liberals?

Why I found Neil Munro’s interruption of Friday’s press conference invigorating.

AP from 1987: 'Why do grown men and women shout at President Reagan?' - TheDC


Late in Reagan’s second term, Associated Press reporter justifies aggressive behavior from the media in dealing with the president

Dobbs defends TheDC's Munro: 'What's rude is the president not speaking to the American people' - TheDC

‘Neil Munro had the thing pretty well figured out. It was going to be his only opportunity. He took the opportunity’