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Hidden surveillance recorders all over NYC are tweeting people's conversations

A woman speaks on the phone in front of screens feeding live broadcast from polling stations via a network of webcams at an election commission situational centre in Moscow

‘Are you sure you want to be talking about this? I really don’t know if this is the place’

NYC interrogating company in TEXAS over NRA donations

National Rifle Association CEO LaPierre speaks at CPAC in National Harbor, Maryland

‘The reported contributions are extremely large for such a small company’

Patriotic artist hopes to resurrect Reagan ideals in NYC

A statue of former US President Ronald Reagan is seen February 6, 2014 at the entrance to Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC. (Photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Putin and Kim Jong-un would be wearing diapers if Reagan were here’

MORNING BRO: Michael Bloomberg is going straight to hell

Though not according to him

NYPD routinely handcuffs shooting victims... they could be dangerous!

Police personnel stand and talk with each other at Times Square in New York

‘They consider everyone who has a warrant a fugitive’

Kids take Common Core tests with 'inappropriate content, ambiguous questions'

The Triumph of Death / Wikimedia commons

‘Teachers and administrators are truly devastated by what a terrible test it was’

Bill de Blasio, defying type, denies Citi Bike a bailout

Bike Share New York

Maybe the New York City mayor just wants to stick it to his predecessor.

Smokers' rights advocates challenge legality of NYC's e-cigarette ban

Customers puff on e-cigarettes at the Henley Vaporium in New York City
Will Bloomberg's rationale go up in smoke?

Reports: Large building explosion in New York City

Explosion rocked 116th & Park

NYC cabbie scares New Yorkers with his massive python [VIDEO]

‘Get this mother f**cking snake out of this motherf**cking cab’

Have you heard this hilarious prank call?

Warning: Some NSFW language

Uh oh: De Blasio's war on charter schools begins

Liberal Democrat Bill de Blasio hugs his wife and children during his election victory party at the Park Slope Armory in New York

School choice is ‘abhorrent,’ according to de Blasio

Alec Baldwin is mad at MSNBC, definitely not homophobic

US actor Alec Baldwin takes part in the

Guess who he called a ‘phony’?

Bill de Blasio: A tall man who falls short

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio delivers the budget address in New York

Contrarianism is New Yorkers’ religion, so maybe it makes sense

Founders to New York: You don't need Congress's hall pass to secede

US Gun Control NY.JPEG

Could New Amsterdam go further?

Extreme snowboarding through the streets of NYC

This guy knows how to have fun in the snow

New York City prepares to close public schools for Muslim holidays, Lunar New Year

AFP/Getty Images/Mustafa Ozer, Getty Images

Other ethnic holidays and their adherents get cold, hard shaft

This scandal may bring down Wendy Davis

Plus, naked yoga is a thing

De Blasio calls on mayors to 'address the root causes of inequality'

De Blasio Mayor

New NYC mayor can’t wait to fix everything that’s wrong with the world