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NRA President James Porter: Registered firearms today — Confiscated firearms tomorrow


The gun registration to confiscation process has begun

Founders to New York: You don't need Congress's hall pass to secede

US Gun Control NY.JPEG

Could New Amsterdam go further?

Majority of New York voters favor legalizing marijuana

A fully budded marijuana plant ready for trimming is seen at the Botanacare marijuana store ahead of their grand opening on New Year's day in Northglenn, Colorado

‘Medical marijuana is a no-brainer for New York State voters’

What a Glock: New York DHS head uses gun as laser pointer

APTOPIX Teachers Weapons.JPEG

‘Unsteady’ NY DHS commissioner used handgun laser during a presentation

Federal judge upholds gun ban

A Palmetto M4 assault rifle is seen at the Rocky Mountain Guns and Ammo store in Parker, Colorado July 24, 2012. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Loss for the NRA

Cop goes on Facebook rant against Obama, gets suspended

President Obama meets with newly-elected mayors about job creation in the Roosevelt Room at the White House in Washington

‘The fact that he [Obama] is still alive bewilders me’

'Knockout game' attackers post video on Facebook -- along with their information

'He saw me the whole time getting ready to punch him its his fault he didn't wanna fight'

Are you an Unknown Asian? You might owe the FDNY $784


Parsons students upset that FDNY sent a bill to “Unknown Asian” after an ambulance transported an incapacitated student

Klingon elected in New York State


Hardworking Star Trek actor takes anti-fracking campaign where plenty of men have gone before

Education bigwig will now have invite-only Common Core forum, exclude hoi polloi


John King hopes to sway public with invitation-only meeting

States that bucked the shutdown might get screwed

Shutdown National Parks.JPEG

Five states that saved your vacation wait for Congress

In perpetual quest to find new things to outlaw, two schools BAN rainbow bracelets

rainbow bracelet. Photo: YouTube screenshot/Ashley Steph

‘The children are playing with the bracelets during class without permission’

Education bigwig abandons Common Core town-halls after parents try to have their say

Photo: YouTube screenshot of John King event in Poughkeepsie/Mert Melfa

Concerned moms and dads are a ‘special interest’ now, apparently

INSANE: Common Core forces new kindergarteners to bubble in test answers

confused student. Photo: Getty Images

‘They break down; they cry’

Fake online reviewers BUSTED


‘Large-scale, intentional deceit across the Internet’

New York: Freedompalooza event is a call to action for all in the Empire State - NRA - ILA


New Yorkers make your pro-gun voice heard!

NYC's emergency operators using pen and paper

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Guess how much the new system cost

NYC regulations threaten private transportation business

Laws’ ‘primary effect is to keep them out of the economy’

Serial sexter Anthony Weiner is back with new set of explicit messages to another woman who is not his wife

Anthony Weiner tweet Big Government

‘I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have’

'DON'T let them eat cake!'

Michael Bloomberg in October 2012.

See what Bloomberg did to the poor this week