OCCUPY NEWARK: Students Take Over School Offices, Demand Firings

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Newark student sit-in

Cory Booker in the crosshairs…

Neighbors: Cory Booker never lived in Newark

US | Charles C. Johnson

Superhero Mayor’s ‘homes’ in Brick City are closed properties where police are quartered

Cory Booker's fake heroics in Newark fire

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Friends of woman in kitchen fire call her unreliable, say ‘Superhero Mayor’ is faking his derring-do

Who's buying a Cory Booker tote bag?

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(AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File)

The Daily Caller investigates

Newark woman slams Cory Booker over murders [VIDEO]

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'The blood runs on our streets'

Cory Booker's murder streak continues!

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10 murders in 10 days in Newark

Cory Booker falls to earth: NYT discovers that Newark still sucks under celebrity mayor

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Cory Booker

Potential Christie challenger and rising Dem star gets flak for poor governing

Unlike Booker's food stamp challenge, SNAP only meant to be supplemental - TheDC

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Booker Food Stamps

Newark mayor’s simulation may paint an unrealistic picture

Obama poster hangs feet from Newark, NJ polling booths

Elections | Vince Coglianese
Newark Polling Booth Feature

‘Barack Obama ran in 2008, that your children might fly’

GOP petition has Booker up in arms - The DC

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Cory Booker Newark Mayor

Booker: ‘I’m very upset that I’m being used by the GOP this way’

Whitney Houston to be laid to rest Saturday in NJ - AP

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Whitney Houston Funeral.JPEG

Mourners left flowers, candles at the fence around the church where she first showcased her singing talents.

Fight ensues over Facebook money for Newark public schools - NPR

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Residents worry that $100 million will go toward charter, not public, schools

For LeBron James, hindsight 20/20 - ESPN

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LeBron James said he has no regrets about ending up in Miami, but did say he would handle his decision differently if given another chance

Christie asks Rhee to be NJ's next education chief - Star-Ledger

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Washington, D.C.’s former schools chancellor is seriously considering an offer from Gov. Chris Christie to become the state’s next education commissioner

Facebook's $100 million gift will 'challenge the status quo' - TheDC

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Zuckerberg entrusts union-slamming Christie with education reform

How will Newark spend its $100 million Facebook gift? - AP

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Now that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has pledged $100 million to help boost Newark’s low-performing public school system, it’s time for officials to start figuring out how to use the funds

The $100 million dollar question - Forbes

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How will Newark turn the privately owned, illiquid shares of Facebook into usable cash for their troubled school system?

Mark Zuckerberg giving $100 million to Newark schools - NYT

US | Vince Coglianese

Founder of Facebook, has agreed to donate $100 million to improve the long-troubled public schools in Newark

TSA agent steals money from handicapped woman - NBC New York

| Pat McMahon

A New York TSA agent stole $400 from wheelchair-bound woman as she went through security

Regulation madness - The Daily Caller

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Pilots, airlines and airports are warning the government’s proposed environmental restrictions on deicing fluid used to keep planes from freezing up and crashing could pose serious safety risks