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NFL's Greed Could Be Good News For Real Fans

What are the chances of getting the NFL to pay me to watch the Super Bowl halftime show?

NFL To Performers: Pay Up To Play Halftime

Who’s playing depends on who’s paying

This NFL E-mail Made Manziel's Finger Incident Awkwardly Sexual

Screenshot: YouTube/Popular Vine Videos

‘Manziel Fingers Redskins’

Tom Brady Touches His Center's Butts More Than Their Wives Do, Says Tom Brady

‘It’s a pretty unique trust and relationship you have’

Raiders And Cowboys Practice Gets Violent

At least it’s not a stabbin’!

Dan Snyder Has Been Buying Off The Media, And I Want My Cut

Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder

‘He came into ownership with an if-you-can’t-beat-’em-buy-’em approach’

Oakland Raiders: 'Just Move, Baby'

The lying has already begun

The Redskins Are Drooling Over Practicing With The Patriots

We’re talkin’ bout practice.

It's Pretty Obvious The Raiders Are Moving To Texas

Owner claims he was just meeting a ‘friend’

Ray Rice Reportedly Gets Two-Game Suspension For Assaulting Wife

Ray Rice Press Conference

Pummeled wife and dragged her out of casino

Cowboys Player Dishes On NFL Hazing

Cowboys Receiver Dez Bryant

$55k for one dinner!

More Than 500 Former NFL Players Suing For Over-Use Of Painkillers

U.S. President Barack Obama looks at Jim McMahon alongside Defensive Co-Ordinator Buddy Ryan at the White House in Washington

‘The NFL … callously ignored the players’ long-term health in its obsession to return them to play’

Least Shocking News Ever: Michael Sam Gets His Own Reality Show

University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam runs through drills during the 2014 NFL Combine in Indianapolis

No one could see this one coming

Johnny Football Got Totally Cuckolded, And Everything You Need To Know About The NFL Draft

NFL: 2014 NFL Draft

Two hours and 43 minutes into the draft, he was finally selected as the 22nd pick

'Johnny Football' Set To Light Up Cleveland Offense

NFL: 2014 NFL Draft

‘It’s a dream come true to be a first round pick in the NFL’