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SOCIALISM: Inflation Rate Hits 40,000 Percent In Venezuela

World | Joseph Lafave
A symptom of collapse

Trump Slaps Fresh Sanctions On Venezuelan Socialists After Maduro Wins In Scam Election

World | Joseph Lafave
'The most recent in a strong, consistent stream of actions'

Venezuela Says U.S. Sanctions Attempt To 'Sabotage' Their Elections

World | Virginia Kruta
'...campaign of aggression.'

Venezuela Can't Feed Its Soldiers, So They're Rebelling

World | Joseph Lafave

Venezuela Imprisons Chevron Executives In Further Crackdown On Oil Producers

Energy | Chris White
'Oil industry companies would do well to be cautious'

Trump May Cut Off Socialist Venezuela's Last Leg

Politics | Robert Donachie
This could really do it

Trump Considers Sticking A Knife In Venezuela And Twisting It Until They Cry For Mercy

Energy | Chris White
'Is it a step that might bring this to an end more rapidly?'

NYT Frets About Dictators Using 'Fake News,' Forgets Democrats Popularized Term

Media | Joe Simonson
Who started using the phrase?

Venezuela's Socialists Approve Treason Trials For Opposition Leaders

World | Will Racke
'Leave us no option'

Trump Hits Maduro Regime With New Financial Sanctions

Politics | Will Racke
'Deny the Maduro dictatorship a critical source of financing'

Venezuelans In Exile Lobby Trump

Opinion | Bruce Majors
The country's dictator, Nicolas Maduro, has taken over the judicial branch.

Maduro Begs Pope For Protection From 'Military Threat From The United States'

World | Joshua Gill
'Don’t abandon me'

Food Shortages Are So Bad In Venezuela That People Are Eating Stolen Zoo Animals

World | Will Racke
Desperate times

Latin American Leaders Close Ranks Around Venezuela After Trump's Talk Of Military Action

World | Will Racke
'Military intervention shouldn't even be considered'

EXCLUSIVE: McMaster Retains Obama Holdovers Who Led Initiatives At Odds With Trump

Investigative Group | Richard Pollock and Ethan Barton
'The problem is...'

Pence Says Venezuela's Collapse Would Threaten US National Security

National Security | Will Racke
'We will not stand by'

Trump Refuses Call From Venezuelan Dictator

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Until 'Democracy Is Restored In That Country'

Trump Won't 'Rule Out' Military Action Against Venezuela

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
'Something that we could pursue'

Desperate For Cash, Venezuela Gives Putin Control Of Oil Assets

World | Will Racke
'They know this is a weak government'

Maduro Asks For UN Meeting With Trump As Venezuela Crumbles

World | Will Racke
'Mr. Donald Trump, here is my hand.'

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