nuclear regulatory commission

Yucca Mountain Is Back On Its Way To Being A Dump For Nuclear Waste And Nevadans Are Furious

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Decades to complete'

Feds Slap Huge Fine On Company For Faking Inspections On Nuclear Plant

Energy | Tim Pearce

Top Nuclear Official Suggests Obama Admin Wasn't Totally Straightforward On Uranium One Deal

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'At best misleading'

MIT: Advanced Nuclear Reactors Have 'Big Promise' To Revive Industry

Energy | Andrew Follett
'An enormous advantage'

WaPo Asks Trump To Clean Up Obama's Nuclear Waste Mess

Energy | Andrew Follett
'It’s past time the opposition was sidelined for good'

EXCLUSIVE: Gov't Red Tape Costs Every Nuclear Plant $63 Million Annually

Energy | Andrew Follett
Extraordinarily expensive gov't paperwork

India Has Almost Finished The World's First Advanced Thorium Nuclear Reactor

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Extract up to 70 percent more energy'

Solar Panels Generate 300 Times More Toxic Waste Than Nuclear Reactors

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Per pound of waste generated, you get so much more power from nuclear'

US Nuclear Plant Got Hacked, But Experts Say It's Not A Big Problem

Energy | Andrew Follett
It’s not yet clear who was behind the attack

Nuclear Reactor Involved In US History's Worst Melt Down Is Shutting Down In 2019

Energy | Andrew Follett
It hasn’t been profitable for five years

Nuclear Physicist: Gov't Red Tape Makes It 'Nearly Impossible To Innovate'

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Industries that can innovate survive and those that can't die'

Gov't Report: US Nuclear Reactors Face 'Doom And Gloom' Scenario

Energy | Andrew Follett
'At cliff’s edge without new capacity'

Congress Tries To Solve Obama's Nuclear Waste Problem

Energy | Andrew Follett
Well ... then where do we put it?

Nuclear Scientist Says Advanced Reactors Will Be Great For Planet

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Cheap, meltdown-proof and waste-free nuclear power'

Here's How Trump Could Try To Solve The US Nuclear Waste Problem

Energy | Andrew Follett
Big decision

New Nuclear Reactors Could Soon Be Built In Kentucky

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Kentucky’s lifting of the moratorium on nuclear energy is a harbinger of things to come'

After Years Of Delays, Gov't Finally To Review 1st Advanced Nuclear Reactor

Energy | Andrew Follett
Expected to begin operations in 2026

New Kentucky Bill Could Bring Nuclear Power To The State

Energy | Andrew Follett
Kentucky is going nuclear

Exporters Can Ship Nuclear Materials Abroad Without Federal Inspection

Politics | Ethan Barton
Visiting nuclear exporters is 'unwarranted.'

ISIS Targeted Nuclear Reactor Getting Shipment Of Weapons-Grade Uranium

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Gonna be used for reactor fuel at this reactor targeted by ISIS'

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