Tiger Nuts Are The Newest, Greatest 'Superfood'

US | Eric Owens
tiger standing Shutterstock/Eric Isselee

Paleo dieters have found their latest craze, America

Would You Eat The 'Single Unhealthiest' Meal of 2014?

US | Hayley Hoefer

Michelle Obama wouldn’t aprove

Fla. school board considers trash cameras to monitor what food students ditch - TheDC

Education | Caroline May
School lunch

‘They have to take (the vegetable), and then it ends up in the trash can, and that’s a waste of taxpayer money’

Back off. It's my plate.

Editorial | Walter Olson

Reflections on the government’s nannyish new nutritional chart.

Caffeine junkie? Blame it on your DNA - TheDC

| Alyssa Moody

A new study shows caffeine addiction is a genetic trait

Food coloring linked to ADHD? - NYT

| interns

The Food and Drug Administration meets this week to see whether artificial food dyes cause hyperactivity in children

Self-control can make you angry - TIME

| interns

Psychological research suggests exercising self-control leads to irritability and aggression

FoodPolitik: Trim the budget by cutting radical activism - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman

PBS to showcase 90-minute special designed to push an anti-meat agenda under the guise of mainstream health advice

Stimulus funds used to combat obesity nationwide - TheDC

Politics | Amanda Carey

Outside New York City, 31 different localities received stimulus funds to combat obesity and sugary drinks

The benefits of eating insects - WSJ

| interns

Could eating insects become a “green trend?”

Skinny or sex? Over half of women would choose dream body over sex - Daily Mail

| interns

Fitness magazine polled 2,400 women and found 51 percent would rather have their dream body for a year instead of sex

Michelle Obama and IRS to promote breastfeeding - Politics Daily

Politics | interns

As the IRS gives tax breaks for nursing, the First Lady will encourage women to breastfeed

Dark chocolate healthier than fruit juice - NYDN

| interns

Study shows dark chocolate benefits heart and blood pressure more than fruit juice

First lady, Restaurant Association embrace over anti-obesity campaign - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

‘She’s been very public about saying she wants to see the industry do more and I think we have a lot of the same goals’

FoodPolitik: Want dietary guidelines? Don't listen to the so-called 'experts' - TheDC Opinion

Opinion | Richard Berman

America’s most noxious food nags are already spinning a new government report to support their own propaganda efforts

Michelle Obama sets sights on restaurant menus - NYT

Politics | Vince Coglianese

The First Lady attempts to get restaurants to adopt her goals of smaller portions and children’s meals that include healthy offerings

Study links working moms to childhood obesity - TheDC

| Caitlin Emma

The years a mother spends at the office may contribute to an increase in a child’s BMI

Government advises Americans to eat less - NYT

| Laura Donovan

The USDA issued obvious dietary advice Monday: Eat less

O-Mart: Michelle Obama throws weight behind Wal-Mart's healthy food push - AP

Business | admin

Michelle Obama offers endorsement of Wal-Mart pressuring suppliers to make healthier foods

Tea equally hydrating as water, healthier - BBC News

| Laura Donovan

Researchers say tea protects against certain cancer types and is just as hydrating as water