EXACTLY WHAT SHE DESERVES: Professor Fired For Saying Otto Warmbier 'Got Exactly What He Deserved'

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Otto Warmbier Reuters/Korean Central News Agency

‘Those comments in no way reflect the values or position of the University of Delaware’

Academic Journal Will Feature Empowering Math Poems And 'Raw' Stories By 'Math Mamas'

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'art' by Eric Owens

‘The contributors of this special issue come from diverse backgrounds’

Prof: 'Is It Wrong Of Me To Think That Otto Warmbier Got Exactly What He Deserved?'

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Otto Frederick Warmbier (C), a University of Virginia student who was detained in North Korea since early January, is taken to North Korea's top court in Pyongyang, North Korea, in this photo released by Kyodo March 16, 2016. North Korea's supreme court sentenced American student Warmbier, who was arrested while visiting the country, to 15 years of hard labour for crimes against the state, China's Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday. Mandatory credit REUTERS/Kyodo

‘Young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women’

Marxist Wisconsin Professor Rakes In $170,000 Per Year Teaching About Inequality And Oppression

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Erik Olin Wright YouTube screenshot/SCORAI

He offers a ‘gourmet potluck’ after course on ‘exploitation, domination and irrationality’

Biology Professor: Trauma Of Trump Presidency Will Mutate Human Genome For All Eternity

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Reuters/Joshua Roberts, Shutterstock/vitstudio

‘There is going to be an evolutionary consequence’

FINALLY! America Gets Its First Black Lives Matter Summer Camp For 10-Year-Old Kids

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Black Lives Matter Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla

‘Free for all Black youth, ages 10-18’

Fresno State Professor Who Said 'Trump Must Hang' Apologizes Profusely, Flees Fresno

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noose Shutterstock/HerArtSheLoves

‘I ask forgiveness of those who felt threatened or offended by them’

Say What? Professor Calls Curing Deafness In Children 'CULTURAL GENOCIDE'

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YouTube screenshot/ASL Stew

Are you some unsophisticated rube who just assumes the ability to hear is good?

SJWs Vow Not To Tolerate Campus Conservative Group

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‘Feelings oscillating between disillusionment, disgust and anger’

Professor: North Carolina Is NO LONGER A DEMOCRACY Because Republicans Win Too Many Elections

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State legislation keeping dudes out of women’s bathrooms is also undemocratic, somehow

REMINDER: Kwanzaa Was Concocted By A Deranged Felon Who Brutally Tortured Two Naked Women

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YouTube screenshot/The Real Black Atheist Library, Shutterstock/Gal Amar

Are Kwanzaa’s principles identical to the principles of the Symbionese Liberation Army? YES!

America's Sociology Professors Are Really Steamed About The Cleveland Indians Logo, You Guys

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Cleveland Indians Chief Wahoo YouTube screenshot/The National

‘Greater equality and social justice for all’

Ivy League Professor Calls For GENERAL STRIKE By Black Artists And Academics After Trump Victory

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Black Lives Matter Getty Images/DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

‘A black face in a high place didn’t save us, and a woman in a high place wouldn’t have either’

Is It Ethical To Work For Trump? Let's Ask The Ivy League Professor Who Endorses HAVING SEX WITH ANIMALS

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Getty Images/Alex Wong, Getty Images/YASSER AL-ZAYYAT

‘Mutually satisfying activities may develop’

Christian Fundamentalism Is Way More Threatening Than Islamic Terrorism, Insists Fancypants Professor

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Getty Images/Spencer Platt, YouTube screenshot/Rubin Report with Dave Rubin, Shutterstock/Golfmhee, Getty Images, Getty Images/TAUSEEF MUSTAFA

A ‘much, much greater threat,’ see, because of the nuclear codes!

History Professor Warns America: 2016 Election Could Prompt Civil War [VIDEO]

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‘We are that close to the edge of the debacle’

Trigger Warnings In Actual College Courses Are As Dumb As You Imagine, Only More So

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‘Strong language’! ‘Race, class, gender’! ‘Gender inequity’!

Overpriced Fancypants University Festoons Campus With Absurd 'Ze, Zir, Zirs' PRONOUN POSTERS [PHOTO]

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Students at $60,572-per-year Vanderbilt learn to say: ‘I’m Steve and I use he/him/his pronouns’