Obama Has Spent More Time Playing Golf Than In Intel Briefings

Politics | Neil Munro

Nearly 800 HOURS golfing!!!

Sharpton Talking To White House About Holder Replacement

Politics | Patrick Howley

The Reverend is in

Holder Touts Social Justice, Ignores Law, In Exit Speech

Politics | Neil Munro

‘That’s why I made him America’s lawyer, the people’s lawyer’

Analysis: Obama Attempts To Keep Low Profile On War, Taxes And Amnesty

Politics | Neil Munro
U.S. President Barack Obama departs the White House Press Briefing Room after addressing reporters in Washington, August 28, 2014. REUTERS/Larry Downing

He wants to help Democrats win their November midterms

Obama Uses Coffee Cup To Salute Marines

Politics | Neil Munro
Obama Salutes Marines With Coffee Cup

‘Put the damn coffee down and salute correctly’

McCain Gets Ticked At Obama Official For 'Smart Ass Answer'

Politics | Patrick Howley
Sen. John McCain speaks during a hearing about border security in Washington

Tensions fly over a new casino

White House Plotted To Hide Illegal Fundraiser's Schedule

US | Patrick Howley

FBI investigation was underway

Obama Promotes Missionary Status For Left-Wing Activists

Politics | Neil Munro

No church-and-state problem here for progressives

Obama Won't Use ISIS As Leverage Over Iran's Nukes

Politics | Neil Munro

Obama wants a nuke deal real bad

Obama Blames 'Children' For Hostility To His Amnesty Plans

Politics | Neil Munro

Obama should take more credit for his own polling numbers

UKIP Leader Blasts Obama: He Lowered America's Standing In The World

Politics | Patrick Howley

‘America’s standing in the world is really somewhat lower’

Obama Fails To Mention The Steady Inflow Of Central American Migrants

Politics | Neil Munro

Statistical flim-flam and media sympathy works

White House Gets Fact-Checked On ISIS 'JV' Spin

Politics | Chuck Ross
'He failed to provide the context in which Obama made his remarks'

Obama Promises To 'Degrade And Destroy' ISIS

Politics | Neil Munro

But is it war?

WH Spokesman: Obama 'Cautious' on ISIS, Just Like The Auto Bailout

Politics | Patrick Howley

They need to get over that auto bailout

Obama Hints He'll Delay Amnesty Until After Election

Politics | Neil Munro

So maybe the election will be all about Obama’s amnesty

SAY IT AIN'T SO!: Mainstream Media Printed Inaccurate Reporting On The VA Scandal

Politics | Patrick Howley

Media falsehoods on preventable veteran deaths

White House Tries To Hide Amnesty Behind Gov't Shutdown

Politics | Neil Munro

But GOP is spotlighting the economic impact of work-permits for illegals