OPEC Reached A Major Agreement On Global Oil Production

Energy | Jason Hopkins
A relief to car drivers everywhere

A Bright Future Dawns On Iran’s Horizon After 50 Years

Opinion | Sid Ahmed Ghozali
On the ruins of all forms of dictatorship, Iran will be an oasis of freedom and democracy

Trump Blames OPEC For High Gas Prices

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'Oil prices are too high'

Democrats Would Be Wrong To Blame Trump For Higher Gas Prices

Energy | Jason Hopkins
International factors play a major part in the price of oil

Iran Nuclear Deal Withdrawal Underscores CRITICAL Need For U.S. Energy Security

op-ed | James 'Spider' Marks
Now more than ever, we must maximize domestic energy resources

Four Factors Will Make You Pay More At The Pump This Summer

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Prices are expected to keep rising

President Trump Can Counter OPEC And Achieve Energy Dominance

op-ed | Ken Blackwell
Here is the clear path toward the energy dominance that Americans deserve

Americans Hit With Skyrocketing Gas Prices As OPEC Cuts Production

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'What we’re seeing now at the pump is reflective of OPEC’s decision'

Russia and OPEC Looking To Make Unprecedented Oil Deal

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'This could be an indefinite agreement'

US Shale Is Booming, But Is It Enough To Fuel The World?

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The U.S. clearly enjoys many advantages'

Saudis And Russians Agree To Extend Their Alliance Against US Shale

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'We are united, shoulder to shoulder'

World's Oil Cartel Says It Wants To Fight Global Warming

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'The Paris Agreement should be ‘win-win’'

OPEC Might Actually Keep Its Failing Production Cuts 

Energy | Tim Pearce
'All options' are open

US Fracking Keeps Pushing Oil Price Forecasts Down

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Oil prices will not rise above $60 a barrel'

Ecuador Breaks, Says It Can't Follow OPEC Agreement Anymore

Energy | Tim Pearce
'It's inevitable. Somebody's going to cheat'

Energy Week: The Importance Of Unrestricted Energy

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
With correct and deliberate deregulation, the United States can decrease its dependence on foreign oil.

US Oil Production Could Reach Historic Levels This Year

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'US oil production has grown faster'

OPEC Scrambles To Raise Oil Prices Amid Renewed US Shale Boom

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Shale changed everything'

Saudi Arabia 'On The Ropes' Thanks To Iran And US Fracking

Energy | Andrew Follett
Saudi Arabia and Iran are sliding towards war over oil markets

The OPEC Meeting Reminds Us: Pursue True Energy Security

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Reducing foreign oil dependence will protect our interests and keep our economy moving.

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