paris agreement

ExxonMobil To Discuss Climate Change Issues With Pope Francis

Energy | Jason Hopkins
The leader of the Catholic Church wants to solve climate change

EU's Carbon Emissions Pitch Upward As Macron Berates Trump Over Paris Snub

Energy | Chris White
Double-digit increase

GOP Senator Completely Debunks Macron's Paris Climate Accord Claims

Energy | Chris White
'It has no teeth'

Former Trump Official Picks A Weird Time To Predict Trump Will Return To Paris Deal

Energy | Chris White
'I think it will be fairly easy for the president to stay in'

REPORT: Climate Activists Talk About Their Conversion To The Church Of Global Warming

Energy | Chris White
'I felt a deep sense of repentance'

REPORT: Paris Climate Signers Worry The Deal Didn't Go Far Enough

Energy | Chris White
'It’s not big enough'

Why Are Liberals Sad That Trump's Energy Adviser Resigned?

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'He will be a hard act to follow'

REPORT: China's Goal To Kill Coal Is Making Citizens’ Lives A Living Hell

Energy | Chris White
A brutal crackdown is creating a raging black market in coal

State Dept Sued For Not Handing Over Paris Accord Docs

Energy | Chris White
'State Department has something serious to hide'

Enviros Freak Out As Germany Makes About-Face On Anti-Coal Campaign

Energy | Chris White
'It is disheartening'

Report Makes Lofty Claim That Earth Will Become A Desert Without Paris Deal

Energy | Chris White
World's population will be living in a drought

TROLL IN CHIEF: Trump Pokes Fun At Global Warming Critics, Tells People To Bundle Up

Politics | Saagar Enjeti

Macron Admits Paris Deal Took Major Hit After Trump Left

Energy | Chris White
'We are facing an ongoing emergency'

Arnold Schwarzenegger Wants To Do To Climate Change What He Did To Body Building

Energy | Chris White
Make environmentalism cool, too

California Gov Awkwardly Threatens Anti-Fracking Hecklers During Climate Speech

Energy | Chris White
'Let’s put you in the ground so we can get on with the show'

UN Enviro Chief Believes Private Industry Will Rebuke Trump And Meet Paris Goals

Energy | Chris White
'The private sector and business are now driving the the agenda'

EU Freaks Out After Climate Chief Suggests US Can Water Down Paris Pledge

Energy | Chris White
'I don’t think it’s defensible'

Nicaragua Joins Paris Deal In 'Solidarity' With Victims Of Hurricanes Irma And Maria

Energy | Chris White
'We have to show solidarity with ... those in highly vulnerable areas'

Elon Musk's SolarCity Gave $36K To Republican AGs But Left Dems High And Dry

Energy | Chris White
'Does not constitute an endorsement'

California Gov Plans Climate Change Talk At Russian Forum Hosted By Putin

Energy | Chris White
'Opportunity to strengthen our commitment'

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