Elections add potential new stars to GOP's bench - TheDC

Politics | Pat McMahon

Here is a look at TheDC’s picks of rising Republican stars you haven’t yet heard of

Net neutrality gets election night shellacking

Editorial | Kelly Cobb

On Tuesday, voters rejected all 95 congressional candidates who pledged to support Internet regulation.

POLITICAL INSIDER: Filibuster the top priority - AP

Business | admin

O’Donnell says her first priority if elected would be to help the GOP block Democrats’ priorities in a lame-duck session

GOP groups overwhelm Dems with political ads - AP

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Conservative groups have amassed a crushing 6-1 advantage in television spending

7 states holding primaries as season wraps up - AP

Politics | admin

Rep. Mike Castle faces off with Christine O’Donnell today in the heated Senate nomination contest in Delaware

Tea Party challenges in Del., N.H. complicate GOP Senate hopes - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

GOP hopes for Senate takeover complicated by Tea Party challenges in Delaware, New Hampshire

Pawlenty health order as much about 2012 as Minn. - AP

Politics | admin

Obama’s health care overhaul is likely to be a central theme in the 2012 presidential race

National GOP group launches new ads in Wisconsin and New Hampshire - TheDC

Politics | Jon Ward

The American Action Network is targeting Democrats Russ Feingold and Paul Hodes in their respective Senate races

Tea Party's message on deficit: Is Congress listening?

Opinion | Demian Brady

For the first time in over a decade, there is a rising number of representatives and senators whose legislative agendas, if enacted into law, would decrease spending

NH GOP Senate front-runner hits a few bumps - AP

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Kelly Ayote’s surprise backing from Sarah Palin — coveted in other states — drew a scathing, signed front-page editorial in the state’s largest newspaper

What’s social campaigning got to do with it?

Opinion | Brandon Macsata

In 1984, singer-songwriter Tina Turner asked “What’s Love Got to Do with It” in her breakthrough solo album. This year, political observers find themselves asking the same thing about the massive infiltration of social media into political campaigns—“What’s Social Campaigning Got to Do with It?” As we see it, the answer is pretty simple for candidates running for the U.S. Senate: the difference between winning and losing.

Uphill battle ahead for GOP in 2010 - THE DAILY CALLER

Politics | Jon Ward

On paper, it’s not just the Republican campaign fundraising arms that have money problems. Several of their Senate candidates do as well.

In all but one of the eight states where Republicans are locked in primary battles for the party’s nomination, the Democratic candidates already have cash on hand advantages, some of them significant.

N.H. Dems could see same fate as their Bay State brethren

Opinion | Patrick Hynes

The nation’s politicians and political operatives are noodling what Sen.-elect Scott Brown’s victory on Tuesday means for the political climate in their states. My guess is that the reality is there are too many variables for most states to draw a clean comparison analogy. But the Bay State’s neighbor to the north, New Hampshire, may present the most compelling analogy. And that’s bad news for the Democrats.