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Seth Rogen Brags About Turning Down Photo With Paul Ryan: 'No Way, Man!'

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
'I’m counting the days'

Here's How Much Trump Pivoted On Immigration In 116 Hours

Politics | Robert Donachie
'What is the purpose of the House doing good immigration bills'

House Narrowly Passes Farm Bill

Politics | Julia Cohen
It includes work requirements for food stamps

Goodlatte Immigration Bill Fails In The House

Politics | Julia Cohen
The moderate option next to be voted on

America's Immigration Problems Won't Be Solved As House Conservatives Refuse To Concede

Politics | Robert Donachie
'The goal is to avert the discharge petition'

'Full Arsenal' -- Trey Gowdy And Paul Ryan Slam The Constitution Over The Deep State's Head

Politics | Amber Athey

Multiple Top Republicans Tell Mueller To 'Wrap It Up'

Politics | Hillary Silverman
'Time for them to begin winding this down'

New GOP Immigration Bill Would Prevent Separation Of Families At Border

Politics | Will Racke
Compromise taking shape

Paul Ryan: Trump 'Should Be Applauded' For North Korea Summit

Politics | Justin Caruso
'The status quo was not working with North Korea'

Here's Where Tennessee's Republican Candidates GOP Stand On Abortion

Politics | Grace Carr
'I'm pro-life and I'm pro-adoption'

Paul Ryan Honors Nurse Who Refused To Perform Abortions As Paragon Of American Virtue

US | Joshua Gill
'Those are the kind of people that America produces'

Chamber Of Commerce Asks Congress For Permanent DACA, TPS Amnesty

Politics | Will Racke
'Meeting their workforce needs'

Immigration Momentum Stalls In The House ... Kinda

Politics | Robert Donachie
So what is next?

Paul Ryan: 'Obviously' Trump 'Shouldn't' Pardon Himself

Politics | Robert Donachie
'I don't know the technical answer to that question'

Paul Ryan Is Still The GOP's Cash Cow

Politics | Julia Cohen
The speaker's Ohio tour raised big money for the party

Prosecutors May Have Leaked Info In House Hacking Case To Democrats, Who Gave It To Imran Awan's Attorney

Investigative Group | Luke Rosiak
'Wait til you see what you screwed up there … you'll see'

Another Republican Signs Petition To Force An Immigration Vote

Politics | Julia Cohen
Republican Rep. Erik Paulsen of Minnesota signed a petition Wednesday that would force the House to vote on a series of immigration proposals, including a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) fix.

Clapper Goes After Ryan And McConnell In New Book, Says They Didn't Care About Russian Interference

Politics | Julia Cohen
GOP leaders refused to sign the Obama administration's statement condemning election meddling

Paul Ryan Backs Up Effort To Review FBI Docs On Trump Campaign

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'I do think it is appropriate'

More Than 100 Conservatives Call For Jordan To Run For Speaker

Politics | Robert Donachie
Is it happening?

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