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Is Our Soldiers Learning?

The Pentagon has no idea, since it paid unqualified contractors for pointless education evaluations

'Absurd': Chris Matthews Goes Off On Pentagon For Claim That We're Winning War On Terror

‘I guess he has to say that kind of stuff’

Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin: Pentagon 'At Odds With The Administration' Over ISIS Strategy

‘The military wants to take care of this problem’

Pentagon Spokesman: I Can't Reveal Our ISIS Strategy Or I'll Be Fired

‘Would make your jobs a lot easier and mine pretty much nonexistent’

Pentagon Won't Call The Russian Invasion of Ukraine An Invasion

‘Um . . . uh . . . to act . . . to cross the border in an unauthorized way.”

New York Times: Reports Of U.S. Bombs Falling In Northern Iraq

Pentagon categorically denies

Pentagon Official: The Facts Are In, And Obama's Policy Is A Direct Danger To The United States

Obama shakes hands with troops after delivering remarks at Bagram Air Base in Kabul

You cannot hit the pause button on a crisis

Pentagon Official: Russians Likely Responsible For Shooting Down Malaysia Plane

‘It would have to have been provided by a state military like Russia’

BAE Is Going All 'Transformers' With Its New Pentagon Plane Concepts

Transforming, self-healing, laser-wielding jets of the future

Entire F-35 Fleet Quietly Grounded Ahead Of July 4 Holiday

Handout photo of third Marine Aircraft Wing's first F-35B arrives on the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma flightline

‘It absolutely doesn’t do anything to shake our confidence in the F-35 program’

Pentagon Still Allowing Contractors To MASSIVELY Overcharge For Parts

Singapore Aviation Airshow 2014

Paid over $8K for a $400 gear!

Hollywood Is Helping The Pentagon Build 'Iron Man'

Iron Patriot Iron Man 3

‘When you’re doing something for a movie it is all make-believe, whereas for the military, that’s really not going to be the case’

Pentagon Goes After Navy SEAL Who Wrote Book About Bin Laden Raid


Author ‘breached his legal obligations by publishing the book without pre-publication review’

General Jack Keane: Pentagon 'Outraged' Over Obama's Bergdahl Victory Lap

‘Senior military leaders looked at that and just shook their head’

White House Story Unraveling

National Security Advisor Susan Rice looks up during a meeting between President Barack Obama and Japanese PM Abe in Russia

US knew Bowe Bergdahl had deserted, investigated him

The Pentagon's DARPA Is Using Virtual Reality Tech For Cyberwarfare

‘It’s like you’re swimming in the Internet’

Pentagon Report Calls Snowden Leaks 'Staggering,' 'Grave'

A television screens the image of former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden during a news bulletin at a cafe at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport
'The scope of the compromised knowledge related to U.S. intelligence capabilities is staggering'

Pentagon: Russian Warplanes Now Violating Ukrainian Airspace

A Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-27 jet fighter flies above Slaviansk

Ukrainian prime minister warns of ‘World War III’

Pentagon finally admits conventional warfare is obsolete, recommends deep cuts

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dempsey makes remarks to the press as U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel listens, at the Pentagon, Arlington

‘Cutting the military will not jeopardize American security. It will strengthen it. Bankrupt nations aren’t secure.’