This One-Day-Only Deal Makes It Affordable To Get Your Very Own Rowing Machine

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$170 the best cardio machine there is

Shed Those Holiday Pounds Without Shedding Too Many Holiday Dollars

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An indoor bike and a rowing machine are each nearly $100 off today

There Is Actually A Deal On The Good Fitbits

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The Fitbit Alta is available for $45 off (Photo via Amazon)

Finally a great price on a great product

Fitbits Just Got Better

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This dude is wearing the new Fitbit Flex and no one can even tell (Photo via Amazon)

Waterproof. Finally!

Become An Ironman With This IRONMAN Deal

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This IRONMAN bench is 40 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Not just for triathletes

Run Back To The Basics With This Pair Of ASICS

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You can get a men's ASICS running shoe for half off (Photo via eBay)

Under 40 bucks

This Just Might Be The Greatest Invention Of All Time

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Save 80 bucks on this perfect way to stay in shape while you work (Photo via Amazon)

Exercise at your desk

Bulk Up For Summer

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This guy is getting ready for beach season (REUTERS/Mohammed Salem)
Get swole with EAS powders and shakes, on sale today

Islamic School Won't Let Girls Run Over Fears They Will Lose 'Virginity'

Education | Eric Owens
Muslim girls running

Infertility could also result … from a broken leg

Business Magnate T. Boone Pickens Challenges Obama To A Work Out

Sports | Sarah Hofmann

‘My cardio is better. Will work out energy plan for America. #nosweat’

Workout FAIL Compilation [VIDEO]

Sports | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Heavy objects plus questionable workout decisions

This guy pounding junk food at the gym will make you laugh

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Completely reasonable decision

So, how many calories do you burn during sex?

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

And does it count as exercise?

Burkas may be making Muslim women fat - TheDC

| Caroline May

While some women are able to hide the bloat of a large meal behind a burka, the garment and the traditions surrounding it can also discourage exercise

Army changes basic training for first time in 30 years - AP

US | interns

Army aims to toughen recruits from a more sedentary generation by revamping its basic training for the first time in thirty years

Exercise important for women of any age

| interns

Women of all ages will improve overall health by engaging in regular exercise. It’s a benefit that will help improve aging and could increase longevity. But exercise isn’t just for the young. Senior women who exercise will benefit physically and psychologically, according to two recent studies