Without A Hint Of Irony, Planned Parenthood Joins 'Black Lives Matter' Protest

US | Tristyn Bloom

‘We are joining #Ferguson organizers and protesters in DC today’

Two Ten-Dollar Wars On Women

Opinion | Penny Nance
Mideast Iraq.JPEG

The same price can buy birth control in Peoria or a wife in Mosul. Guess which one the left is talking about?

Bro-Choicer Defends 'Women's Right To Choose' By...Interrupting Pro-Life Woman At Her Own Event

US | Tristyn Bloom
An anonymous passerby interrupts pro-life activist Lila Rose at a press conference outside Planned Parenthood on October 14, 2014.

Man yells ‘Stop interfering with women’s healthcare decisions’ over woman speaking

Ohio Town Covered In Planned Parenthood Banners

US | Tristyn Bloom

Up for whatever!

Vermont Gov Praises Planned Parenthood Despite Child Rape Coverups

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

‘We should be blessed to live here with a Planned Parenthood that does extraordinary work’

Taxpayer-Funded PBS Airs Late-Term Abortion Propaganda

Opinion | Arina Grossu
Abortion access

Why is a public TV station glorifying these people?

Abortion Activists Arrested After Texas Abortion Law Trial

US | Tristyn Bloom

Abortion clinic safety standards are ‘about the enslavement of women’

Yet ANOTHER Planned Parenthood Clinic Caught Encouraging Young Girls To Try BDSM Sex Acts

US | Tristyn Bloom

‘I wouldn’t say “abuse,” because it’s consensual …’

Planned Parenthood Failed To Report A Child Rapist, Who Then Assaulted FOUR More Girls

US | Tristyn Bloom

Girl and her mother were told filing a report was too much of a hassle

Ohio Abortion Clinic Fined $25K For Shocking Health And Sanitation Violations

US | Tristyn Bloom
38th Annual March For Life Winds Through Washington

From ‘safe, legal, and rare’ to … legal, apparently

Planned Parenthood Under Investigation For Possible Child Abuse

US | Tristyn Bloom

‘Most people don’t know about this dark corner of Planned Parenthood’

More Congressmen Demand Answers About Planned Parenthood Abortion Quotas

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

‘The idea of salaries being contingent on the number of babies destroyed is unmitigatingly evil’

More Evidence Of Outrageous Underage Sex Advice From Planned Parenthood Counselors

US | Tristyn Bloom

‘Some people like being spanked or hit or whipped’

Texas Congressman Enraged Over Abortion Quotas

Politics | Tristyn Bloom

‘The criminal behavior of Planned Parenthood has no limits’

Planned Parenthood Has Abortion Quotas, Says Former Clinic Director

US | Tristyn Bloom

‘Abortion is how we make our money’

Ice Cream Parlor Introduces New Planned Parenthood Flavor

US | Tristyn Bloom
Luca Matos watches an employee scoop ice cream at Il Laboratorio del Gelato, an ice cream shop in New York

If you don’t like it, you can always change your mind

Abortion Activists: Abortions Shouldn't Be Rare

US | Tristyn Bloom
Pro-life supporter Marcinda Haedge (R) o

‘Rare suggests abortion is happening more than it should’

Planned Parenthood Schools Underage Girls In Violent Sex Techniques

US | Tristyn Bloom

‘More of a combination between pleasure and pain’

Had A Lot Of Abortions? Planned Parenthood Is Giving Out Awards

US | Emma Colton
planned parenthood

Climate Change ‘Experts’ Didn’t See This Coming: Rising Water Levels In The Great Lakes