Superstar Actor Detained By Police. The Allegations Are Pretty Depressing

Entertainment | David Hookstead
This is sad...

Drunk Driver Tries To Light His Cigarette With His Burning Car

US | Nick Givas
'I’m not afraid of fire'

Man Calls The Police On A Guy Eating A Burrito. Let's See How It Went Down [VIDEO]

US | David Hookstead

First Female RCMP Chief Under Fire For Saying Women May Be Less Suited For Mounties

World | Virginia Kruta
'it's very difficult'

Police Officer Charged With Criminal Homicide In Death Of Unarmed Pittsburgh Teen

US | Dana Patterson
'A small stride toward justice'

Cops Come To 9-Year-Old's Rescue After His Lemonade Stand Was Robbed

US | Nick Givas
'I did pray for him'

It's Official: 'Superman' Dean Cain Has Sworn In With The Idaho State Police

| Virginia Kruta

OPINION: Some Crazy, Dumb Gay People Don't Want Cops Protecting Pride Parades Now

Opinion | Sophia Narwitz
Mass shootings are a reality. I want trained law enforcement at ANY massive gathering

Cops Try To Tie Up An Alligator. Alligator Responds By Wrecking Them [VIDEO]

US | David Hookstead
It didn't hold back

Get A Load Of This Cop Absolutely LEVELING An Unruly Teenager

US | Jena Greene
Nobody saw this coming...

Cop Drills A Woman In The Face With A Football In The Best Video You'll See Today

Entertainment | David Hookstead

Get A Load Of This Chinese PSA On How To Avoid A Knife Attack [VIDEO]

World | Jena Greene
Of course, this shouldn't be a problem in the US

Shaun King Claims He's The Real Victim Of His Own False Reporting

US | Virginia Kruta
Takes no responsibility

'Ready For War' -- Anti-Trump Man Who Opened Fire At Doral Resort Identified

US | Amber Athey

Racial Hoaxes Have A Damaging Effect On America

op-ed | James Gagliano
Racial hoaxsters beware -- we see you, and you will be exposed

HOT MIC: Trump Gaffes At Officers' Memorial Service, Plays It Off Perfectly

Politics | Mike Brest

Trump: Police Officers In America Assaulted On Average Once Every Ten Minutes

US | Mike Brest

It's Police Week, America. Let's Thank The Police Who Protect And Serve

op-ed | Ron Hosko
Deadly firearms attacks on police in 2018 are outpacing 2017

I'm A Cop At Heart

op-ed | Bishop Council Nedd
'I became the oldest rookie officer anyone could remember'

Black Man's Death During Arrest Ruled A Homicide

US | Mike Brest
Determined after autopsy

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