Attorney General Lynch: 'The Targeting Of Police Officers Is Totally Unacceptable'

US | Steve Guest

‘This violence against all of us, regardless of what uniform any of us wear, has to end’

Fox Cop: 'President Of The United States Started This War On Police'

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘I need every law abiding person in the United States of America to stand up and against this slime, this filth, disparaging American law enforcement officers.’

Law Enforcement Cautions More Copycat Video Killers On The Way

US | Kerry Picket
A law enforcement officer is seen on the road in front of the Bridgewater Plaza in Moneta

‘The least number of times that media mentions this guys name it reduces the number of copycat situations’

Amherst College Fellow Posts Anti-Police Tirade After Officers Shot By Carjacker

US | Rusty Weiss
FILE -- Police cars stand watch over a French Quarter intersection as Hurricane Isaac hits New Orleans

‘The boys in blue are going to run you down even though there doesn’t appear to be a suspect on the loose’

Cop Hate Goes Mainstream

Opinion | Scott Greer
Cast members Hawkins, who portrays Dr. Dre, and Jackson Jr., who portrays Ice Cube, pose with producer Ice Cube at the premiere of "Straight Outta Compton" in Los Angeles

A movie about fake gangsters might impact real cops

Black Lives Matter Protesters Block Cops Aiding 14-Year-Old, Get Pepper-Sprayed

US | Timothy Meads
Black Lives Matter Sticker

‘The crowd kept the police car from leaving the area’

Shots Fired In St. Louis May Be Attempted Assassination

US | Chloe Stevenson
Officer shot while sitting in his car in St. Louis (Getty Images)

‘They targeted, they ambushed, they tried to assassinate…’

Detroit Has Smallest Police Force In Nearly 100 Years

US | Timothy Reisinger
Police officers patrol Times Square in New York

‘This is a crisis, and the dam is going to break’

Sheriff's Association Head Mocks Obama's Call For 'Soft Look' Cop Uniforms

US | Kerry Picket
Sheriff Danny Glick at 2015  NSA Conference

They have ‘interjected a very dangerous addition into our profession — politics’

Throwable Camera Aims To Protect Law Enforcement

Tech | Sam Peterson
Screenshot/YOUTUBE, Francisco Aguilar

‘Gives a quick assessment of a dangerous situation’

Sheriff's Deputy ARRESTED After Video Shows Him Abusing K-9 Partner

US | Alex Pfeiffer

‘The deputy sheriff was at the casino to attend an event hosting K-9 training and certification’

Baltimore Police Commissioner: Reform Efforts Will Get More Officers Arrested

US | Heather Smith

‘Reform is not easy. It comes with a cost’

Super Troopers! Cops Raid Pot Shop, Consume Edibles

US | Matthew Sullivan
Bud Tender

‘I’d like to see the city stop engaging in illegal conduct’

Defensive Medicine For Cops

Opinion | Brian Joondeph
A woman helps a younger woman balance on a rock during a protest against what demonstrators call police brutality in McKinney, Texas

Cops, like doctors, have to make probability-based decisions, and each group has their own version of “defensive medicine.”

Baltimore City Councilman: Politicians And Police 'Allow' Drugs In Certain Areas

US | Derek Hunter

Says they ‘draw lines’ and allow open-air drug markets to operate unencumbered

Cop Cam Advocates 'Encouraged' By House Resolution

Politics | James Longley
Lewiston Police Officer Speaks With a Citizen

‘Increases transparency and protects both citizens and police’

Baltimore Officers Speak Out On Violence, Rising Murder Rate

US | Chloe Stevenson
Baltimore officers speak up about deadly month of May

‘The good guys let the bad guys win’

Double Murder In Baltimore: 31-Year-Old Woman, 7-Year-Old Boy Executed

US | Derek Hunter
Gun Violence

The murders tie Baltimore for the deadliest month on record

DOJ Police Probes SPIKE Under Obama

US | Kerry Picket
Residents watch celebrations on West North Avenue near the looted and burned CVS Pharmacy in Baltimore

Even going after ‘implicit’ or ‘unconscious’ bias