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Police Shoot Dog, Threaten To Arrest Owner Trying To Help


‘The dog was still alive, clearly bleeding like crazy’

Court Approves Warrantless Use Of Police Anti-Terror Phone-Tracking Tech

The dashboard for the New York Police Department's 'Domain Awareness System' is seen in New York

Suspect convicted based on data obtained without a search warrant

This Guy Was Shot And May Never Walk Again Over 31 UNPAID PARKING TICKETS

WCAU screenshot, Getty Images/Jeffrey Coolidge

‘They never knocked on the door! No nothing’

SWAT Unit Kills Two Dogs, Finds Little Evidence In 'No-Knock' Raid

‘I really thought I was being murdered’

University Police Department Filmed 'Happy' Video While On Duty

‘I work hard to ‘humanize our department”

Wheelchair-Bound Man Shoved To The Ground, Arrested By Police Officers

‘This incident was outside our training and policy’

GOTCHA! Watch This Trucker Catch A Cop On His Cellphone While Speeding

‘And that’s what happens when they know you’re recording’

Man Arrested After Son Skips Church

‘It’s ridiculous to me that I was arrested for this’

Teens Left In Georgia Holding Cell Without Food, Lights For ENTIRE WEEKEND

Jail Tour 7

The teens were left with no food, lights or toilet paper

Why Does This Small Town With Hardly Any Crime Need A WAR TANK?!

Soldiers celebrate through roof hatches of their MRAP vehicles at Camp Adder near Nasiriyah

‘My hope is that we never have to use it’

Cop Who Shot Man Sent Undercover To Film Police Shooting Protest

‘I don’t understand how protecting us is infiltrating us’

California Public Employees Making Bank On Pensions


‘I don’t know anybody that would think it’s fair to be paid to work and to be retired from the same job’

After Feds Snatch Documents From Police Station, Judge Throws Out Phone Spying Case

A United States Marshal walks into a Stanford Financial Group office building in the upscale Galleria District of Houston

‘Both the federal and local governments need to respect open records laws’

Shock Claim: Police Officer Slit Dog's Throat

nala sc

‘We have no words to describe this’

Free!: Police Departments Tout No-Cost War Tanks

‘Taxpayers didn’t have to pay anything for it’

Video Shows Police Officer Shooting Handcuffed Man

City blocked release of the video

450-Pound Man Hides Marijuana In The Weirdest Place Ever

A bag of marijuana being prepared for sale sits next to a money jar at BotanaCare in Northglenn, Colorado

You won’t believe where he liked to roll his weed