Hungary's president resigns, university revokes doctorate in plagiarism scandal - AP

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Hungary’s president Pal Schmitt resigns, university revokes doctorate, in plagiarism scandal

Day of departure? Egypt protesters fill square - AP

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Protesters seeking Mubarak’s ouster appear undaunted and determined after their camp withstood two days of street battles

Big Obama donor quits envoy job amid criticism - AP

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Ambassador to Luxembourg and Obama donor, Cynthia Stroum has stepped down from her position

Thousands demand ouster of Yemen's president - AP

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Drawing inspiration from the revolt in Tunisia, thousands of Yemenis fed up with their president’s 32-year rule demanded his ouster Saturday

Mideast crisis: Lebanon at the edge of chaos - AP

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Government fall plunges Lebanon into uncertainty

War games - AP

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United States, South Korea press ahead with weekend military exercise plans amid North Korean taunts, threats

James Jones to resign as national security adviser - AP

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This marks the second major White House departure within the last week, after chief of staff Rahm Emanuel stepped down

TARP manager resigns - AP

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Herb Allison, the head of the government’s $700 billion financial bailout program, announced on Wednesday that he would resign

Police accuse Boxer aide of marijuana possession - AP

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Marcus Stanley, a 43 year-old economic adviser to Sen. Barbara Boxer, allegedly brought the marijuana into a Senate office building

Rights group: Uzbeks tortured by Kyrgyz police - AP

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International group Human Rights Watch said that Uzbeks are being “disproportionately” arrested and tortured in an investigation of deadly ethnic riots last month

Nikki Haley denies SECOND affair allegation - AP

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Lobbyist Larry Marchant admitted he had no proof to back up his allegation of a one-night stand with state Rep. Nikki Haley in 2008 and her campaign vehemently denied the allegation

Japan's prime minister steps down over base row - AP

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Yukio Hatoyama said he was resigning over his broken campaign promise to move a U.S. Marine base off the southern island of Okinawa

German President quits over military remarks - AP

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Horst Koehler stunned Germans by resigning Monday after being criticized for appearing to link military deployments abroad with the country’s economic interests

Laws may have broken just that - AP

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A senior minister in Britain’s new coalition government resigned Saturday after admitting that he claimed tens of thousands of pounds (dollars) in taxpayers’ money to pay rent to his long-term partner