Collapsing Venezuela Deploys Military, Tells Citizens US Might Invade

Daily Caller News Foundation | JP Carroll
Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gestures as he talks to supporters during a rally to commemorate May Day, in Caracas

Government has used tear gas and riot police against protesters throughout the country

Police Union President Thinks Obama's America Needs Re-Educating

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
U.S. President Barack Obama drinks a glass of filtered water from Flint, a city struggling with the effects of lead-poisoned drinking water, during a meeting will local and federal authorities in Michigan

‘That’s coming from somebody who has never been on the ground getting the crap beat out of them’

Colombia Scraps 1920 Law Barring 'Cretin' And 'Idiot' Tourists

Daily Caller News Foundation | JP Carroll
Beach Party. Credit:

‘Epileptics; idiots; cretins; cripples’

Bob Graham: Certain Top Saudis Are Linked To 9/11

Daily Caller News Foundation | JP Carroll
U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Saudi King Salman at Erga Palace upon his arrival for a summit meeting in Riyadh

White House would veto bill

Fossil Fuel Divestment Campaigns Are Falling On Hard Times, Here's Why

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
Two policemen stand guard as anti-fracking wave a banner that reads: "Ban Fracking" during a demonstration in Hollywood, Calif. (Dan Holm /

‘Complete fossil fuel divestment is a pipe dream.”

Teen Journo Survives Disciplinary Hearing: School Won't Expel Him

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

“When the truth is on your side, there’s nothing to fear.”

Most Americans Apparently Know Nothing About Obama's Climate Plan

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
Climate Change wooden sign with a desert background (Copyright: Gustavo Frazao)

‘It hasn’t gotten into the elections, and so I don’t find it so surprising’

Obama: Flint Water Is Totally Safe -- Just Test Your Kids After They Drink It

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
January 23, 2016: Water Tower At Flint Water Plant In Flint, January 23, 2016, Flint, Michigan (Linda Parton /

‘Flint water at this point is drinkable’

Greenies Terrified A Trump Presidency Would Kill Their Big Paris Agreement

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at campaign event at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino the day before the CNN Republican Presidential Debate (Joseph Sohm /

‘If a climate change denier was to be elected, it would threaten dramatically global action against climate disruption’

Teenage Journo Faces Hearing: School Wants To Throw Him Out [VIDEO]

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

“Guys…I need you.”

Comedian To Obama At White House Correspondents' Dinner: 'You Did It, My N**ga'

Politics | Derek Hunter

Larry Wilmore’s routine was not well received by the audience

Bath Time

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Weed Activists Win Meeting With Obama Officials After Illegal Smoking Demonstration

Daily Caller News Foundation | Steve Birr
A worker tends to cannabis plants at a plantation near the northern Israeli city of Safed, in this June 11, 2012 file picture. REUTERS/Baz Ratner/Files

‘He also has an obligation to address these failures’

Analysts Claim This Earth Day Could Usher In 'Green Energy Poverty'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
People demonstrate during a protest march ahead of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, known as the COP21 summit, along Strasse des 17 Juni in Berlin, Germany November 29, 2015. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

‘The Earth Day singing will impose huge costs on poor people everywhere’

President Obama Reacts To Prince's Death

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
U.S. President Barack Obama makes a "grumpy cat" face, referring the internet celebrity, while speaking at the DNC’s Women’s Leadership Forum in Washington October 23, 2015. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

‘A brilliant leader, an electrifying performer’

Unemployed Energy Workers Look For Jobs In Wyoming Prisons

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chris White
A migrant worker steps out of his accommodation in an area next to a coal power plant in Beijing during a smog-free and also the last day of the city's first "red alert" for air pollution, in this December 10, 2015 file photo. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj/Files

Jobs are open in prisons

Worshipping At The Altar of CNN's Stelter Is Just A Bad Idea

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Things get ugly when media correspondent gets preachy.

Experts Warn City Metro Services Would Be An Easy Win For Terrorists

Daily Caller News Foundation | Steve Birr
Fresh territory: an Isis fighter in Raqqa, Syria, last year (Reuters)

‘I don’t think our enemies could better signal to us where they intend to attack.’