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Deadly Denial

‘He knows that the threat is there, and what’s happening is he isn’t on board’

Gutfeld: Obama Only Golfed After Beheading Statement 'Because Fox News Said Not To'

‘He’s like a sullen teenager’

Obama Goes To War Against Jihadis

The tide of war is rising

Obama With Some Strong Words Against Islamic State: It 'Speaks For No Religion'

‘Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim’

'Step Up!': Michael Eric Dyson 'Yearns' For President Obama To Respond Forcefully To Ferguson

‘Not enough for him to come on national television and pretend that there’s a false moral equivalency’

MSNBC Host: Barack Obama, Eric Holder Would Be 'Great Choices' For The Supreme Court

Holder flashback: ‘If you want to call me an activist attorney general, I will proudly accept that label’

How To Make It All About Me?


Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Morning Mirror


Obama Reaches Out To His Turkish Buddy

Their bromance has faded some since 2012

Obama Jumps Into The Missouri Police, Race Dispute

Potentially rallying support for the midterm elections

Child ISIS Member: 'I Swear To Allah We Will Divide America In Two'

‘We promise car bombs and explosives’

Hillary Kisses The Ring, Begs Obama For Forgiveness

‘[S]he looks forward to hugging it out’

Flashback: Top Obama Adviser Claimed Terrorist Caliphate 'Absurd,' 'Never Going To Happen'

‘We are not going to organize our counter-terrorist polices against a feckless delusion’

Liberal Mayors Slam Obama's Economy

Et tu, Bill DeBlasio?

CNN Airs Video Of Helicopter Rescue In Iraq That's Straight Out Of An Action Movie

‘The machine gunners then opened up again, blasting at targets down below’

Obama Admits Failure In Libya, Denies Same Failure In Iraq

Be nice; Admitting even one error is a step forward for Obama

Iraq's Yazidis Plead White House For Weapons And Aid

Obama pulled US troops out of Iraq in 2011

Fournier: Obama Executive Amnesty Would Be Political 'Nuclear Bomb'

‘Blow open and make this country even more divided’

Gingrich: Looming Obama Amnesty Will Create 'Civil War' In Democratic Party

‘Growing panic on their side that this could be a disaster’

White House: We Can't Fix The Middle East [VIDEO]

‘They’ve got to want it.’