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Plastic surgeon to stand by during Prince William's polo match - LAT


Prince will play Saturday in Santa Barbara

All about Pippa [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

After turning heads at the royal wedding last month, Duchess Kate’s little sis became a celebrity in her own right. Take a look as TheDC commemorates the younger, and arguably more fun, Middleton sister

Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance made into a movie...again - WaPo

Britain Royal Wedding

‘William & Kate: A Royal Love Story,’ a made for TV movie, will be released on the Hallmark Channel in August

Obamas meet Prince William and Catherine - TheDC

Obamas meet William and Catherine

The first lady and president visit with Prince William and wife Catherine in London

Catherine and William's honeymoon to take place in Hollywood? - TheDC

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and William, Duke of Cambridge reportedly going to southern Calif. for honeymoon plans

Royal honeymoon delayed - TheDC

William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge won’t jet set off to honeymoon right away

Britain celebrates monarchy as Kate, William wed - AP

‘There’s a sense of excitement that you can’t really put a word to … It’s a chance to celebrate’

Why the royal wedding fascinates Americans

Americans crave tradition.

Beltway residents can't escape Royal Wedding coverage - TheDC

Local news affiliates dispatch reporters to London to “add” to the coverage of an over covered wedding

Even the royal wedding haters have souvenirs, too [SLIDESHOW] - TheDC

Sick of the royal nuptials sweeping the news? We’ve got the perfect souvenirs to complement your wedding angst

Not everyone curtsies for the royal wedding: Funniest jokes, criticism of event - TheDC

There’s more to the upcoming ceremony than roses and warm fuzzies

DETTMER & BASHAM: An American wedding (and now a word from our sponsor) - TheDC

Why Will and Kate should have sought American corporate sponsors for their wedding.

Plumber tattoos William and Kate onto his teeth - SWNS

Patriotic plumber pays to have royal couple tattooed onto his pearly whites

Get me a crown! Photographer crops out Prince William's bald spot - TheDC

New photo of the couple not so surreptitiously disguises the prince’s bald spot

MARK JUDGE: Chicks dig the royal wedding - TheDC Opinion

Why I’m not watching Friday’s wedding.

It's un-American to be obsessed with the royals - Slate

For an American to be excited for the Royal Wedding is lame and good Americans should not even consider them royal

Will rain fall on the royal wedding? - TIME

Prince William and Kate Middleton might face a downpour on their wedding day

79% of Britons 'couldn't care less' about royal wedding - Spiegel Online

‘I want to get as far away as possible. I won’t switch the TV on either’

Royal wedding 'noise' to many, gives Niall Ferguson 'waves of nausea' - TheDC

Despite major worldwide coverage on the royal wedding, many have no desire to hear about it, and British Harvard scholar Niall Ferguson says it makes him feel sick

Singer Lily Allen 'outraged' at royal wedding snub - The Mirror

‘Why does bloody Joss Stone get an invite and not moi? I sang at the Diana concert, too!’