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DHS looking to build national license plate database

A snow and ice covered license plate is seen on a taxi in Times Square during a snow storm in Manhattan in New York

‘You’re just somehow never alone or away from the glaring eyes, in the minds of some, of Big Brother’

Drones: Coming to a public university near you

Demonstrators deploy model of U.S. drone aircraft at "Stop Watching Us: A Rally Against Mass Surveillance" near U.S. Capitol in Washington

University of Alaska, Virginia Tech and Texas A&M among new drone test sites

Guess what?! NSA is tracking cell phone location data

An undated aerial handout photo shows the National Security Agency (NSA) headquarters building in Fort Meade, Maryland

The Justice Department denied in June that this was being done

Parents of alleged Silk Road founder launch legal fund, website


Ross Ulbricht an unlikely drug, theft and murder kngpin

California's choose-your-own locker room law faces ballot drive

shower. Photo: Getty Images

‘The largest number of volunteer signatures ever submitted’

How to keep the new Xbox One from watching you like a complete creep now

Booth girls stand next to Microsoft's new game console Xbox One at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba

‘You are in control of when Kinect is on or off’

Internal emails reveal Obama advisers concerned over Patriot Act

Mobile phone simulating call to German Chancellor Merkel next to a tablet showing the logo of NSA is seen in picture illustration taken in Frankfurt

Concerns date back as early as 2004

Author of Patriot Act plans to introduce to bill to rein in NSA

NSA Drone Strikes

‘We need more transparency, and there’s a way to do it’

Company that spied with webcams on adults engaged in 'intimate activities' settles with FTC

Britain Mass Surveillance

A computer rental company whose franchisees spied with webcams on adults engaged in “intimate activities” settled with the Federal Trade Commission, according to an agency announcement.

Duffy protects privacy in the real world


The former MTV star takes on the CFPB

Facebook allows underage users to make posts public

Facebook Teen Privacy.JPEG

‘The kids who might be the most likely to do that might not have the best judgment about what they post’

Obamacare: a massive privacy breach waiting to happen

Applications are seen at a rally held by supporters of the Affordable Care Act in Jackson, Mississippi

A former HHS council recommends delaying implementation so data can be secured.

Report: Oakland invests $7 million in federal grants for 24/7 surveillance

Stop and Frisk Cameras Oakland

Similar systems have been pioneered by police forces in New York City, Massachusetts and Texas

Google's new privacy policy places users' faces in ads

Google User Reviews.JPEG

Search engine juggernaut assures users they can control this feature

Now ANYONE can search for you on Facebook

Facebook Search.JPEG

Social media giant tells users to control what they post rather than worry about who can see it

Surveillance reform on hold, and the government shutdown is the excuse

APTOPIX NSA Surveillance Shutdown.JPEG

Lawsuits, review groups, all on hold until Congress can pass a budget

NSA keeps detailed records of citizens' friend networks

NSA Surveillance.JPEG

This is what many privacy advocates have been warning about

DOJ: FBI privacy rules for drones same as manned aircraft

Drone Hunting.JPEG

Drones and manned aircraft offer different capabilities to investigators, demanding different privacy protocols

Congress: Restore Our Rightful Privacy Ownership

NSA Surveillance Legal.JPEG

Americans want their privacy back.

One major concern has Facebook users fleeing the site in droves

Facebook Growth.JPEG

Social network giant lost 9 million users in a single month, study reports