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Congressman says tea party, NRA 'manufactured' Fast and Furious controversy

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'I think this is another manufactured controversy by the second amendment, NRA Republican tea party movement'

Holder: 'I have no intention of resigning'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'I’m the attorney general who put an end to the tactics of Fast and Furious,' says embattled attorney general

53rd member of Congress demands attorney general's resignation

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'I have never called on a cabinet official to step down and did not come to this conclusion lightly,' says Kentucky Rep. Brett Guthrie

Issa to press Holder on 'need to clean house' at DOJ during hearing on Thursday

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Sen. Chuck Grassley demanded Wednesday that top Holder aide Lanny Breuer resign or be fired

Dem. congressman: If Holder knew of Fast and Furious, he 'should leave' [VIDEO]

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'But, I don’t think we’re there yet. And, I think that there has been a lot of political machinations around this'

Memo shows early ATF concern on Fast and Furious probe, despite claims

Politics | Steven Nelson (admin)
Administration officials had signs that Fast and Furious investigators were losing track of weapons, a new memo shows

Perry: Holder should resign or be fired

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'America simply cannot tolerate an attorney general who arms the very criminals he is supposed to protect us from'

CNN reporter fights facts, Fast and Furious accountability during Tuesday presser

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Reporter speculates on date of long-overdue inspector general report, asks why congressmen aren't waiting

Holder shared apology letter with press before slain agent's parents read it

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Terry family friend: Attorney General Eric Holder is behaving like 'the cold-hearted person that he is'

As a victim's family speaks, 38 congressmen demand Holder's resignation

Politics | Matthew Boyle
New Jersey congressman cites Holder's Tuesday testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee

Murdered border patrol agent's family says Holder 'should accept responsibility'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Brian Terry's family breaks its silence, says that 'Holder needs to own Operation Fast and Furious'

Gov. Brewer: Buck stops with Holder, he needs to be 'held accountable'

Politics | Matthew Boyle
More than 30 congressmen have now called for Holder to resign immediately

Santorum: Obama should fire Holder 'if he lied to Congress'

Politics | David Martosko
Attorney general 'seems to be misrepresenting what he knew and when he knew it'

Holder downplays Fast and Furious, walks out on reporters

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'In complying with those subpoenas and dealing with that inquiry, that will not detract us from the important business we have to do here'

Congressman: Holder must resign over 'Fast and Furious' testimony

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Rep. Raul Labrador says Holder 'is either lying or grossly incompetent'

NRA funds lawsuits against ATF over new border-state gun regulations

Politics | Jeff Winkler
The nation's largest gun lobby has pulled its litigious trigger

Senior ATF, Justice officials ignored Mexico-based agents' complaints

Politics | Matthew Boyle
New details surface before latest Oversight hearing

Officials mum on how two 'Fast and Furious' suspects with criminal records obtained guns

US | InternAdmin
Two defendants have felony convictions and criminal backgrounds that should have precluded firearm purchases

Grassley, Issa slam Holder again: Are you skewing witnesses?

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Holder is being asked to respond to allegations that he allowed witnesses to be prepped for congressional hearings

Issa, Grassley blast Holder in letter after secret meeting with ATF's Ken Melson

Politics | Matthew Boyle
Republican leaders ask for more witnesses to come forward to discuss Project Gunrunner

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