North Carolinians Plan To Protest R. Kelly If Concert Isn't Canceled

Entertainment | Mike Brest

Dear Tea Party Activists: We Were Too Naïve About Congress

op-ed | Mark Meckler
Washington loves the status quo.

Democratic Lawmaker Refuses To Give The Pledge Of Allegiance

Politics | Peter Hasson
He refused to pledge allegiance to the flag

Protester Gameday: Was Liberal Politics To Blame For The Violence In Charlottesville?

Politics | Henry Rodgers
New Bombshell Report

Fans Straight Up Ignore Green Bay's National Anthem Request

Politics | Derek Hunter
Players and coaches locked arms. The fans mostly did not

These NFL Players Would Never Kneel During The National Anthem

Slideshow | Hannah Simmons
They respect this country

NFL Players Supercars - Purchased Thanks To America Whether They Know It Or Not [SLIDESHOW]

Slideshow | Hannah Simmons
Apparently not

The NFL Protested -- Mike Rowe Issued The Ultimate Response

Politics | Derek Hunter
'The fans of professional football are not powerless'

Police Officers Injured By Thrown Bricks During Violent St. Louis Protests

US | Kerry Picket

'No Things Considered's' Tim Young Points Out The Sheer Irony Of Vandalizing Christopher Columbus Statue

Video | Gabrielle Okun
Christopher Columbus is, after all, an important part of history

Anti-Trump Protesters Lash Out At NYPD For Doing Their Jobs

US | Kerry Picket

Check Out These Protesters Throwing An Actual Temper Tantrum Over The GOP Health Care Bill

Politics | Amber Athey
'Arrests appear imminent'

Instant Karma: G20 Protester Flips Cops The Double Bird -- Instantly Gets Tear Gassed Into Oblivion

Video | Amber Athey
'Clearly you can see the crowd doesn't like it...'

Gun Control Protests Expected At NRA Annual Meeting

Guns and Gear | Kerry Picket
'We will not be silenced'

Man Eggs Trump Tower

US | Kerry Picket
The yolks on him

Native Americans: White Protesters 'Colonizing' And Pooping In Ground Of Oil Pipeline Protests Camp Site

US | Kerry Picket
'We're no different than the oil company'

Border Patrol Expected To Assist Police Near Dakota Access Pipeline Protests

US | Kerry Picket
'It's very little and it's very late but it's a start'

Anti-Trump Protest Hits Washington D.C. Days After Election

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'Do what we need to do'

'Peaceful' #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Shove Trump Supporter Out Of NYC Park, Shouting 'Racist' [VIDEO]

US | Derek Hunter
Man called 'racist' and 'fascist' for supporting Trump

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