LA School District Lowers Minimum Grade Needed To Pass College Prep Classes

Education | Taylor Beck

Can’t improve? Just change the standard!

Will Your Kid Now Have To Choose A Career Path In SIXTH GRADE?

Education | Eric Owens
child labor Getty Images/Buyenlarge/W. Hine

‘We have lost our collective minds’

Psychologist: PC Trigger Warning Craze Is Terrible

Education | Robby Soave

‘I am also skeptical’

NYC School Admins To Parents: Your Children Are Disgustingly Fat

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‘I know that I’m not overweight’

UT Regent Uncovered Waste, Fraud And Abuse... And Might Be Fired For It

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University of Texas / Wikimedia Commons

‘Found at least four indisputably serious scandals’

In Need Of A Bailout: The 'Che Cafe,' A Co-Op Run By Commie-Loving Students

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Will UC-San Diego cough up the cash?

Even NYT Thinks Colleges Are Taking Political Correctness Too Far

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‘If I were a junior faculty … I’d be terrified’

Canadian Prof Fired For Speaking His Mind About Evil University

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University of Saskatchewan / Wikimedia Commons

‘I certainly felt stifled and muzzled’

Be Inspired: Student Overcomes Stutter, Gives Awesome Graduation Speech

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‘If doubt were to be a disease, its cure would be confidence’

Cop Tasers Unarmed Teen, Puts Him In Coma, Won't Be Charged

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Bastrop cops / KVUE screenshot

Teen was unarmed, nonviolent

Watch As An Angry Mob Halts A University Panel In The Name Of Free Speech

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‘F–k you trying to silence us’

What Rights? School Suspends Student For Protesting Big Government

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Mason Michalec / KHOU screenshot

‘I’m really tired of government taking advantage of us’

No Trial? No Jury? No Witnesses? No Attorney? Student Expelled Anyway

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‘Lacked fundamental fairness, was reckless, arbitrary and capricious’

Students, It's Illegal To Wear An American Flag Shirt On Cinco De Mayo

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American flag shirt / CBS news screenshot

‘They silenced a symbol of patriotism and freedom in America’

Louis C.K. Says Common Core Has Ruined Math For Kids: 'It Makes Them Cry'

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‘Thanks standardized testing and common core!’

Student EXPELLED for forgetting to leave his hunting gun at home

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Patrick Bryan Mitchell

‘I had no ill intent on harming anyone’

Foes of affirmative action win big at Supreme Court

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Court: Prohibiting racism is not racist