Here's How Schools Are Celebrating Black Lives Matter Week

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Opportunity to promote racial justice and identity safety'

Mass Immigration Will Make The U.S. More Like Latin America

Opinion | Costin Alamariu
Tribal identities are often stronger than progressive ideals or written constitutions.

NAACP Attacking Jerry Jones Confirms The Betrayal Of Its People

Opinion | Lloyd Marcus
They abandoned their mission of black empowerment for approving pats on the head from leftists.

Conservatism's Perennial Piñata

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Native-Americans have little political clout and even less of an extractive approach to politics.

No, Feminists. 'Blade Runner 2049' Isn't A Sexist, Racist Nightmare

Opinion | Ian Miles Cheong
Feminist "culture critic" Anita Sarkeesian takes aim at the cyberpunk movie, Blade Runner 2049.

The Tribalism Of 'Kneelism'

Opinion | Ilana Mercer
Just shut up and play.

I'm A Black Football Fan, And I'm Done With The NFL

Opinion | Lloyd Marcus
Pro football used to be something that liberal relatives and I could enjoy without getting into politics.

NFL: Kneel For Anything, Stand For Nothing

Opinion | Ron Hart
NFL ratings are at a 7-year low. Players can protest, and fans can vote with their wallets.

The Moral Incoherence Of The Anthem Protests

Opinion | David Cohen
Kaepernick and his fellow protestors are severely lacking in perspective.

"White Privilege" Is A Racist Concept

Opinion | Amani Douglas
After progressives study history, they might want to consider looking in the mirror.

FLASHBACK: Two Presidents Named 'Johnson' Tried To Stop Civil Rights In America

Opinion | John Griffing
A century apart, these two Democratic presidents almost killed civil rights.

I'm A Black American, And I Say Antifa Must Not Be Tolerated

Opinion | Lloyd Marcus
It's all a scam to lay a bogus guilt-trip on decent Americans.

The Racist Left: My First Political Fight

Opinion | Lloyd Marcus
He assumed that because I'm black, I'm a liberal.

Being Enslaved By Racism: How We Shall Overcome

Opinion | Alan Keyes
In begging God’s forgiveness, we must not let His standard fall.

Unfounded Charges Of Racism Are Hate Speech Too

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
A charge of bigotry is not a weapon to be wielded casually.

Racism: The Left's Drug

Opinion | Elliot Resnick
Shame on the Republican establishment for going along with this farce.

It's Stupid To Call Trump A Racist

Opinion | David Benkof
Liberals and the media aren’t uncovering his racial animus; they’re stoking it.

Asian Americans Are Fighting For Our Own Educational Rights

Opinion | Yunlei Yang
We have endured decades of open and widespread discrimination in college admissions.

Leftists Are Trying To Racially Divide Us To Get Trump

Opinion | Lloyd Marcus
Let's stand together as Americans folks and just say "no" to the media's hate-mongering.

Race And Faculty Hiring In Higher Education

Opinion | Scott Douglas Gerber
The Justice Department should be commended for its wisdom in its affirmative action decision.

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