Obama Uses Ferguson Uproar To Demand Changes In Criminal Law

Politics | Neil Munro

For Obama, every crisis is an opportunity for progressives

Study: Lack Of Diversity Fuels Speculative Bubbles

Business | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Does Wall Street need a makeover?

Patriots' Social Media In Hot Water Over Racist 'Auto-Tweet'

Sports | Christian Datoc

The Patriots’ social media team made a seriously racist gaffe on Thursday night

Salon Warns Of 'White Menaces To Society'

US | Alex Griswold
Salon Screen 2

Can it sink any lower?

Denver Post: That Building Is Racist

US | Derek Hunter

Paper’s critic thinks architecture is keeping minorities away

Democrats Cry Racism In Nebraska House Race Over New 'Willie Horton' Ad

Politics | Derek Hunter

Claim ad is racist for factually reporting on a criminal who happens to be black.

Children's Nursery Rhyme 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' Is Now RACIST

Education | Derek Hunter
Black sheep

Lyrics to be changed to be more culturally sensitive and gender inclusive

Worried About Ebola? Then You're A RACIST!

US | Eric Owens

‘The stereotyping of foreigners, of people of color’


US | Eric Owens
Getty Images, Getty Images, Creative Commons/Jim Padgett YouTube screenshot/CNN

The Daily Caller’s Alpha and Omega of racism is now complete

Anti-Racist Mural Deemed Racist, Destroyed

Video | Christian Datoc

Work was created by famous activist-artist Banksy

Here It Is! DEFINITIVE Proof That Racism Is EVERYWHERE, All The Time

US | Eric Owens
Hulton Archive/Getty Images, Getty Images Sport/George Frey, Getty Images/Jonathan Ferrey

Are the letters ‘U’ and ‘V’ racist? Of course they are!

High School Girl Said She Was Beaten At Bus Stop For Acting 'Too Much Like A White Person'

Education | Eric Owens

Victim describes herself as a ‘light-skinned black female’

THE LETTER 'S': Racism Is Everywhere, All The Time

US | Eric Owens
Getty Images, YouTube screenshot/Marvel Entertainment, YouTube screenshot/Discovery TV

Like every other letter in the alphabet, ‘S’ is for racist

Ivy League Professor Tweets Then Deletes Racial Tweet

Education | Eric Owens

Then she blocked her Twitter page AGAIN

Racism Is Totally EVERYWHERE All The Time. 11 More Examples

US | Eric Owens
Getty Images/John Moore, YouTube screenshot/kitsune21809, Reuters/Jim Young

‘P’ is for PUNCTUATION, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and more!

White Racism And Black Crime

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Demonstrators shout "Hands up, don't shoot," while protesting the killing of unarmed black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

White racism and black crime are both real problems.

After Last Year's Racist Debacle, University Of Alabama Now BLOCKS PRESS From Sorority Rush

Education | Eric Owens
George Wallace schoolhouse door/public domain/Library of Congress, YouTube screenshot/Chi Omega UA

A ‘gag order’ that blatantly violates the First Amendment