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Chicago Mayor Signs Executive Order To Raise Contractor Pay

‘This is a down payment on the goal for all 400,000 people’

Emanuel Puts Positive Spin On Chicago’s Violent Crime Problem

Chicago Mayor Emanuel speaks at Center for American Progress 10th Anniversary policy forum in Washington

Rahm’s city leads the way in murders

Illinois Governor Vetoes Attack On Uber

Stops anti-ridesharing bill

Chicago Unions Form New Progressive Group

Taking the fight from Scott Walker to Rahm Emanuel

Hillary Mistakenly Calls Lincoln 'A Senator From Illinois'

16th president famously lost Senate race to Stephen Douglas

Chicago: Unable to Ban Gun Dealers, Emanuel Seeks To Regulate Them Out Of Existence

Democratic Convention.JPEG

Chicagoland boss doesn’t target drug gangs, he goes after the few remaining gun shops

Chicago Pols To Propose $15 Minimum Wage

Incoming White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel gestures prior to inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama as President of the United States in Washington

‘Those who lose their jobs… will be forced onto the unemployment rolls’

Reporter grills Rahm Emanuel over CNN 'Chicagoland' coordination

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel greets a reporter after U.S. President Barack Obama delivered remarks on manufacturing innovation institutes in the East Room of the White House

‘[M]aking a clear effort to make it look good for the series’

New $60 Million Chicago High School Will Be Named After Obama

Obama smiling Getty Images

‘He’s excited about it’

How CNN coordinated with Rahm Emanuel's office to make him 'look good' in documentary

‘As the star that he really is’

Chicago Teachers Union to Mayor Rahm: Improving failed schools full of black kids is RACIST

YouTube screenshot/CTUTV1

‘This is an attack on Black schools’

Wayne LaPierre: Purchase + Possession = Liberty Restored

Democratic Convention.JPEG

“Eliminate gun stores from Chicago, which are dangerous in themselves and cannot be safely regulated.”

Brzezinksi is a hard name to spell, even for Mika 'Brrzezinksi'


Shhh…don’t tell her parents!

'The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive action': Rahm Emanuel backs Obama's executive overreach 'one thousand percent'

Rham Emanuel

‘Responsibility not to let the future slip from our hands’

Former Obama official admits fracking hasn't 'created an environmental problem for anyone'

'I believe hydraulic fracking is, in fact, safe'

Bitter cold blasts Chicago, a city fighting climate change

A woman walks in frigid cold temperatures though downtown Chicago

City government, academics, and Windy City-based companies are touting their efforts. I guess it’s working.

Bill Ayers, reincarnated ACORN ask United Nations to intervene in Chicago school closings

Bill Ayers. Photo: Chicago Police Department

Letter argues the 49 school closings ‘violate human rights’