These Potential Presidential Candidates Have Books Coming Out Next Year

Politics | Alex Pappas

If you want to run for president, you write a book

Rand Paul Wants A Formal Declaration Of War Against ISIS

Politics | Alex Pappas

Congress has not declared war since World War II

Guess Who's Reviewing The Federal Reserve

Business | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘There is a revolving door from the Wall Street to the Treasury to the Fed and back again’

Here's How Potential 2016 Republicans Responded To Last Night's Amnesty

Politics | Alex Pappas

Some disagree over procedure, others on substance

Rand Paul: History Will Treat Obama Unkindly 'If He Thinks He Can Become King'

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘This goes against the fundamental separation of powers that we have in our country.’

Eric Holder Praises Koch Brothers For Donation

US | Chuck Ross

‘That’s a good thing to hear’

Liberals Love Rand Paul

Daily Caller News Foundation | Peter Fricke

Progs dig GOP senator’s stance on war, corporate welfare

Fight On The Right? Cruz And Paul Split Over Patriot Act Fix

Politics | Matt K. Lewis

The Senate will vote Tuesday on the reforms

Rand Paul Aides Meet To Plot Possible Presidential Campaign

Politics | Alex Pappas

Won’t decide on presidential campaign until Spring

Conservative Group Makes First Senate Endorsements...For 2016 Cycle

Politics | Alex Pappas

The 2016 fight for the Senate has begun.

Rand Paul Calls ISIS War 'Illegal,' Urges Congress To Reclaim Power

Politics | Derek Hunter

Urges fellow conservatives to reclaim their constitutional role

For 2016, Hillary Had The Worst Night

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
Hillary Clinton makes remarks at a groundbreaking ceremony for the U.S. Diplomacy Center at the State Department in Washington

But voters said no to Christie, Bush, Paul, and Perry.

Mitch McConnell Answers Whether He Would Back Rand Paul For President

Politics | Alex Pappas

Paul helped McConnell get re-elected Tuesday

McConnell: I Stand With Rand For President

Politics | Derek Hunter

Says he’s support Paul if he runs for president

2014 Marijuana Victories Set The Stage For 2016

Opinion | Aaron Houston
File photo of Production Assistant Dan Brennan collecting marijuana plant clones to be moved into a growing room at Tweed Marijuana Inc in Smith's Falls, Ontario

In 2016, legalization will be on the ballot in many swing states

BOZELL: McConnell Needs To Do What He Promised And Repeal Obamacare

Opinion | David Bozell

We now have a repeal Obamacare majority

Christie: My Demeanor Won't Hurt 2016

Politics | Ben Smith

‘I’ve got great reactions from people all over this country … (who say) ‘give them hell,’ those are things people say to me’

John Bolton Says He Is Mulling Presidential Bid

Politics | Alex Pappas

Has His Eyes On Rand And Hillary

Rand: GOP Has 'Huge Opportunity' To Win Over Black Voters

Politics | Al Weaver

‘While not everybody is ready to become a Republican…they want us to compete for their vote’

Rand Paul And Bill O'Reilly Are Wrong On Race: It's The NAACP That Should Make The First Move

Opinion | Keith Naughton
Obama speaks at the NAACP anniversary convention in New York City

As long as the definition of black means ‘not ever Republican,’ Senator Paul won’t get anywhere.