Rand Paul: How Obama Has Politicized The Fight Against Ebola

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘We really should not underestimate the transmissibility of this’

9 Interesting Tidbits From The New Yorker's Rand Paul Profile

Politics | Jamie Weinstein
Sen. Rand Paul speaks during the second day of the 5th annual Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" Policy Conference in Washington
Some interesting nuggets

What Rand Paul Will Say At The Values Voter Summit

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Sen. Rand Paul speaks during the second day of the 5th annual Faith & Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" Policy Conference in Washington

‘Liberty is absolutely essential to virtue’

Justice Department Halts Rand Paul's NSA Lawsuit

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Paul accuses government of ‘stalling’ in case over warrantless surveillance of Americans’ phone calls

Possible Fraud Discovered At Taxpayer-Backed Climate Change Research Group

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
money-counting-1024x731 reuters

‘Spending taxpayer dollars on alcoholic beverages is absolutely prohibited’

COULTER: Your 'To Do' List To Save America

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter

My take on where the 2014 midterms are going

McCain's Slip Of The Tongue Only Fuels Internet Rumors

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria?’

Bill Maher: I Could 'Possibly' Vote For Rand Paul

Politics | Chuck Ross

‘I might choose their toothpaste when I’m in the aisle’

Reagan Conservatism, Not Leave-Us-Alone Libertarianism, Remains The GOP's Best Bet

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan speaks at a rally for Senator Durenberger February 8, 1982. (Photo: Michael Evans/The White House/Getty Images)

A political philosophy based on extreme self-interest can’t win.

Rand Paul: Time To 'Destroy ISIS Militarily'

Politics | Alex Pappas

‘If I were President …’

What Ron Paul Republicans Can Learn From Mitch McConnell's Ex-Campaign Manager

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Ron Paul Rand Paul

Jesse Benton and the liberty movement’s teachable moment

Santorum Slams Rand Paul For Advocating 'Obama's Failed Isolationism'

Politics | Alex Pappas

Santorum and the DNC agree

Rand Paul Takes Swipe At McCain For Meeting Syrian Rebels

Politics | Alex Pappas

It’s clear who Paul is talking about

The DNC Does Not Like That Rand Paul Dinged Obama While Abroad

Politics | Alex Pappas

Paul slammed Obama’s immigration policies

Gov. Perry: US Should Destroy Islamist Army

Politics | Neil Munro

Tough stance contrasts with Sen. Rand Paul’s equivocation

Why Republicans Should Pray The Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage

Opinion | David Lampo
Steve Krout remains on the Pennsylvania State Capital steps following a rally with gay rights supporters in Harrisburg

Putting the culture war behind us would be a godsend.

Rand Paul Blames Washington For Militarizing Local Police

US | Chuck Ross

‘The outrage in Ferguson is understandable’

Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Is 'Yesterday's News'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

Kentucky senator plays word association for top US politicians

Rand Paul To Travel Across Iowa In Presidential Campaign-Style Swing

Politics | Alex Pappas

Kentucky senator is building a national organization