Rand Paul Slams Gov't For Wasting Billions On Duplicative Global Warming Research

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Paul speaks at a campaign rally in the Olmsted Center at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa

‘Paying thirteen different agencies to do the same thing is pretty darn wasteful’

If Paypal Followed Its Word, The Company Would Ask This Board Member To Resign

Business | Alex Pfeiffer
PayPal Kills Plan To Add 400 Jobs In NC After Gov. Overturns LGBT Rights Bill (Getty Images)

‘We will stand firm in our commitment’

Rand Paul Doesn't Want Pakistan Getting A Hold Of Eight F-16 Fighter Jets

Daily Caller News Foundation | Jonah Bennett
Republican Presidential Candidate Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) Campaigns In Western Iowa

This procedure hasn’t been used in decades

Rubio Slams Trump, Bush, And Cruz's Lack Of Foreign Policy Experience

Elections | Steve Guest

‘Negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience’

Realizing The Super Bowl Of American Economic Growth

Opinion | Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara
Police patrol downtown San Francisco before NFL Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco

What we have gotten under President Obama is the worst recovery from a recession since the Great Depression.

Energy Bill Greens Financial Agencies

Opinion | John Berlau
The U.S. flag flies at half-staff on the Capitol dome in memory of former Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) in Washington June 27, 2014. Baker, a pivotal figure in the Senate Watergate inquiry that pushed U.S. President Richard Nixon toward resignation and who later helped salvage Ronald Reagan's presidency amid the Iran-Contra scandal, died on Thursday. He was 88. REUTERS/Gary Cameron (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS OBITUARY) - RTR3W4HL

New green subsidies for the Federal Housing Administration show the Senate has learned nothing from the housing crisis

The Ron Paul Movement Dies With A Whimper

Opinion | Scott Greer
Ron Paul Rand Paul

Rand Paul leaves the race arguably as 2016’s biggest disappointment

Chris Matthews Utterly Fails At Predicting The Epic Failure Of Rand Paul's Presidential Campaign

Elections | Steve Guest

‘You watch. This is what I do for a living’

Rand Paul Aide Blames Trump For Failed Presidential Bid

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper
REUTERS/John Sommers II

‘Commanded so much of the attention’

Rand Paul Suspends His Campaign

Elections | Christian Datoc
Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul

‘Brushfires of Liberty were ignited, and those will carry on, as will I’

Six Takeaways From Sunday's FEC Filings

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
A man poses with dollars, after buying them at a money exchange in Caracas

Some candidates are running out of funds and time

End Of The Road?

Elections | Jamie Weinstein
Huckabee, Fiorina and Santorum pose together before the start of their debate for lower polling candidates at the Fox Business Network Republican presidential candidates debate in North Charleston
The Iowa Caucuses Could End These 5 GOP Campaigns

Cruz Polls Show How Ethanol Lobby Has Lost Its Grip On Iowa Voters

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Follett
A worker pumps gasoline blended with 10% ethanol at the UPI Energy gas station in Chatham, Ontario, April 11, 2008. REUTERS/Mark Blinch (CANADA) - RTX69PH

Ted Cruz could win the Iowa caucus, despite his opposition to ethanol subsidies.

What Happens When Donald Ducks A Debate

Politics | Alex Pappas
Republican U.S. presidential candidates pose together onstage at the start of the debate held by Fox News for the top 2016 U.S. Republican presidential candidates in Des Moines

‘The elephant not in the room tonight’

Paul Slams Rubio On Border Security

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
Marco Rubio/Rand Paul

‘You can’t be In favor of defending us from radical Islam if you’re not for border security’

Burglary At Rand Paul's New Hampshire HQ

Elections | Kerry Picket
Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul has always been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and gun ownership. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
'These are tools that we use every day to manage our data'

Rand Paul: Trump Has Brought 'Silliness, Bombast' To Debates

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I don’t think that he’ll be missed’ at the Fox News debate

Rand Paul Says He Will Be The Only True Conservative On Thursday's Debate Stage

Daily Caller News Foundation | Juliegrace Brufke
U.S. Republican presidential candidate and Senator Rand Paul speaks during the Heritage Action for America presidential candidate forum in Greenville, South Carolina on September 18, 2015. REUTERS/Chris Keane

The Kentucky senator said the polls could be off as much as 15 points

Rand Paul Now Has Competition For His Senate Seat

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
Rand Paul Ad - Real Conservative

‘Senator Paul has put his own ambition ahead of Kentuckians’

Rand Paul's Campaign Thinks He Will Back On Primetime Debate Stage

Elections | Alex Pappas
U.S. Republican presidential candidate and Senator Rand Paul speaks during the Heritage Action for America presidential candidate forum in Greenville, South Carolina on September 18, 2015. REUTERS/Chris Keane

Kentucky senator wasn’t invited to the debate