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Boy Scouts to require 'sustainability' merit badge - TheDCNF

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New badge ‘takes conservation and environmental science to another level’

Tulane scientists: Newspapers could power cars - Wired UK

New bacterium can turn cellulose into butanol

Save the environment or save the economy? - TheDC

More than 150,000 jobs in the water bottle industry could be at risk

How many congressmen does it take to screw in a light bulb? - TheDC

A look at the poisonous CFL light bulbs that Congress is forcing Americans to purchase

Green police: resistance is futile - FOX News

A growing number of U.S. cities monitor recycling bins electronically and punish residents who don’t participate

New surveillance program supplies permission to search your trash - CNET News

Embedded chips in recycle bins help officials charge fines for waste violators

Colorado plastic bag ban is in the works - The Watch

Telluride, CO is improving the environment one less bag at a time

Saving the environment, post-mortem - Discovery News

Scientists are working on ways to prevent the environmental damage caused by ordinary methods of burial

Environmentally odd - The Daily Caller

Hair-raising attempts to raise environmental awareness

Promoting policies that punish Americans

Take light bulbs for example. In the name of saving the planet, regular incandescent light bulbs will be outlawed by 2012 and you will only be able to purchase compact fluorescent light bulbs, which contain poisonous mercury and cause migraines