Poised To Win, Republicans Shouldn't Rest On Their Laurels

Politics | Matt K. Lewis
Republican National Committee Chariman Priebus gavels the 2012 Republican National Convention into session in Tampa

Because 2016 will be nothing like 2014

Sorry Media, Bush Dynasty Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

Opinion | Patrick Howley
Bush Family

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane

College Republicans Launch Massive Ground Game

Politics | Ben Smith
The Homepage of the new CRNC website, video

‘The website helps promote the message of this new operation’

On Constitution Day, Americans Know Little About Government

US | Ben Smith
supreme court

Only 36% of the respondents could name all three branches of government

A Bold And Optimistic GOP Can Create A Wave Election

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
Budget Battle.JPEG

It must present a true governing agenda.

Debbie Goes Dirty: GOP 'Callous, Strangled By Extremism, Out Of Control'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘There is no more establishment, or middle or moderate wing’

Rep. Gutierrez: Republicans' Main Goal Is To Get 'Meaner, Nastier With Immigrants'

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘Maybe Ted Cruz is gonna be the next Speaker of the House’

Limbaugh: Republicans 'On A Tightrope' Between Donors And Voters On Amnesty

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘What they’re trying to figure out how to do is to pretend that they’re not for it’

Krauthammer Scolds 'Incomprehensible, Ridiculous' GOP For Failing To Pass Border Bill

Politics | Brendan Bordelon

‘At least the Republicans would have shown that they can do something’

Check Out These Insane Tweets From A Staffer For The Dem Candidate For Governor Of Maine

Politics | Lauren Eissler
Ben Gagnon with Michaud Patrick Shumlin 2

‘I would not expect a sitting congressman and aspiring governor to allow such sexist and hate-filled behavior in his offices’

Pat Buchanan: America Is Rejecting The GOP's Big Business Wing

Politics | Scott Greer
Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan

‘You’re not going to get back the middle class when you’re constantly appeasing big business’

OPINION: No One Is Doing More To Elect Republicans Than Barack Obama

Opinion | W. James Antle III
Obama smiling Getty Images

Without him, what would Republicans do?

Obama Urges Substitute Fathers Instead Of Intact Families

Politics | Neil Munro

Progressives want to provide fathers plus welfare

Former GOP Leaders Pushing Hard For Minimum Wage Increase

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

Pawlenty, Santorum and now Romney buck current leadership

Santorum Dismisses Rand Paul's 2016 Prospects: 'The Republican Party Is Not A Libertarian Party'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘He’s certainly not my leader’

Santorum Questions Whether The GOP Cares About Poor People

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘If you really cared, you’d talk about the problems they have’

New non-profit sure it can win Asian Americans for GOP

Politics | Rachel Stoltzfoos
Co-founders of the Asian Republican Coalition, Thomas Britt and John Ying.

‘We very strongly believe there’s a very good fit’

Bill Maher: 'The biggest problem in politics is that we don't really have a Left Party'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon

‘The Republican Party of 20 years ago became the Democratic Party of today’

The Republican election weapon of 2014 is here

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Jared Reiff leans into voting booth while filling up his ballot for his first presidential election at the University of Colorado in Boulder

‘Bringing data and technology to campaigns of all sizes’