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Check Out These Insane Tweets From A Staffer For The Dem Candidate For Governor Of Maine

Ben Gagnon with Michaud Patrick Shumlin 2

‘I would not expect a sitting congressman and aspiring governor to allow such sexist and hate-filled behavior in his offices’

Pat Buchanan: America Is Rejecting The GOP's Big Business Wing

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan

‘You’re not going to get back the middle class when you’re constantly appeasing big business’

OPINION: No One Is Doing More To Elect Republicans Than Barack Obama

Obama smiling Getty Images

Without him, what would Republicans do?

Obama Urges Substitute Fathers Instead Of Intact Families


Progressives want to provide fathers plus welfare

Former GOP Leaders Pushing Hard For Minimum Wage Increase

Pawlenty, Santorum and now Romney buck current leadership

Santorum Dismisses Rand Paul's 2016 Prospects: 'The Republican Party Is Not A Libertarian Party'

‘He’s certainly not my leader’

Santorum Questions Whether The GOP Cares About Poor People

‘If you really cared, you’d talk about the problems they have’

New non-profit sure it can win Asian Americans for GOP

Co-founders of the Asian Republican Coalition, Thomas Britt and John Ying.

‘We very strongly believe there’s a very good fit’

Bill Maher: 'The biggest problem in politics is that we don't really have a Left Party'

‘The Republican Party of 20 years ago became the Democratic Party of today’

The Republican election weapon of 2014 is here

Jared Reiff leans into voting booth while filling up his ballot for his first presidential election at the University of Colorado in Boulder

‘Bringing data and technology to campaigns of all sizes’

Colin Powell: 'Certain elements' in Republican party 'demonize' minorities, women

‘Are you still a Republican, or what do you think you are?’

10 famous black Republicans

From Zora Neale Hurston to The Rock

As liberals support Christie during scandal, conservatives abandon him


‘This may be the rare time conservatives cheer on MSNBC’

Rove predicts GOP primary challengers will lose

Republican political strategist Karl Rove walks the floor of the Republican National Convention in Tampa

‘Every Republican senator and virtually every representative challenged in a primary as insufficiently conservative will win’

Author: Republican leaders care more about loss of power than loss of liberty

Codevilla: Republican leaders care more about loss of power than loss of liberty [VIDEO]

Boehner: 'Some of our members just aren't as sensitive as they ought to be'

Speaker of the House Boehner cries

… when running against women

How Republicans could soon 'own' the health care issue

House Speaker Boehner leaves a news conference following a House Republican party meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘The ObamaCare debacle could be the moment when voters stop trusting Democrats as the ‘health-care party”

A Jesuit education for Christian conservatives

Vatican-Family Survey.JPEG

Pope Francis is teaching us valuable lessons for 2016 and beyond

House GOP slams Obamacare 'broken promises'

‘If you like your insurance plan, you will keep it’

Kristol: 'Ridiculous amount of hysteria among Republicans' after shutdown

‘The minor derailment of the shutdown will look like nothing compared to the train wreck of Obamacare’