Palin To Trump: Don't Change Party Platform On Abortion

Elections | Kerry Picket

‘Absolutely, for the three exceptions, I would’

Virginia GOP To Sue Gov. McAuliffe Over Granting Felons Voting Rights

Politics | Alex Pfeiffer
Terry McAuliffe. (Photo: Getty Images)

‘He has overstepped the bounds of his authority and the constitutional limits on executive powers’

Poll: GOP Unfavorables Reach Highest Point Since 1992

Politics | Christian Datoc
Poll: GOP Unfavorables Reach Highest Point Since 1992 (Shutterstock)

A four point jump from October 2015.

Koch: The Economy Is 'Absolutely' Rigged

Politics | Steve Guest

‘If I controlled the Republican Party… we would not have a tax code that subsidizes the wealthy’

RNC Chair: 'Ultimately The Delegates' Not Voters Decide Who Nominee Will Be

Elections | Steve Guest

‘The voters empower the delegates but…’

Trump, GOP Continue Fight Over Fairness

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
DETROIT, MI - MARCH 03:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (L) speaks with Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, at a debate sponsored by Fox News at the Fox Theatre on March 3, 2016 in Detroit, Michigan. Voters in Michigan will go to the polls March 8 for the State's primary.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

‘It ultimately falls on the campaigns to be up to speed on these delegate rules’

Anti-Trump Republican: 'There's No Illuminati In The Republican Party'

Elections | Steve Guest

Only ‘delegates’ matter

Principle, Federalism, And Passion: GOP Needs All Three To Win And Govern

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich stand together onstage at the start of the Republican candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida, March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

We can’t afford another wasted Republican presidential term, presiding over slightly slower growth in the welfare state.

Trump: Cruz Is Trying To 'Steal' The Nomination From Me

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I won Louisiana and now I hear he’s trying to steal delegates… welcome to the Republican Party’

Why Endorsements Aren't Mattering For The GOP In 2016

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Jeb Bush embraces Senator Lindsey Graham after Graham introduced him at a town hall in Salem, New Hampshire

‘If the party is not deciding, then who’s deciding? The voters’

Graham On Trump: 'We Should Have Basically Kicked Him Out Of The Party'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘We should have done this months ago’

Bernie Sanders' Favorite Republican Is...

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘I’ll tell you something funny’

Anti-Trump PACs Aren't Worried About Hurting GOP's 2016 Prospects

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump enters the South Carolina Republican Presidential Town Hall sponsored by CNN in Columbia

‘I’m not particularly worried about discord in the Republican Party’

Ryan Warns Trump: Nominee Must Disavow Bigoted Groups

Elections | Steve Guest

Republican nominee ‘must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry’

CIVIL WAR: GOP Senator Tears Into Trump, Vows Not To Vote For Him

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

‘I will look for some third candidate’

Raven-Symone: 'If Any Republican Gets Nominated, I'm Going To Move To Canada'

Entertainment | Christian Datoc

‘I already have my ticket’

Trump: 'We Are Building A New Republican Party'

Elections | Alex Pfeiffer
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters at his 2016 South Carolina presidential primary night victory rally in Spartanburg, South Carolina Feb. 20, 2016. (REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst)

‘A much bigger, much stronger Republican Party’

Trump And The Burning Of The Boats

Opinion | Gary Berntsen
Trump Tells Audience: If A Protestor Throws A Tomato At Me, 'Knock The Crap Out Of Them' [screen shot MSNBC]

The current presidential campaign in the U.S. reminds us that politics is civilized conflict, but conflict none the less.