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Rick Perry vs. Jimmy Kimmel

Texas governor issues a STERN WARNING to ABC funny man

Why Rand Paul will win the 2016 primaries, and the presidency

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) pauses in his remarks as guests applaud at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill

On war, civil liberties, and personal freedom, only one Republican can offer a contrast with Hillary.

Report: Texas, Nebraska recognized for business expansion

'It can happen in their state'

Obama says Keystone XL decision will come 'in a couple months'

Protesters rally about the Keystone XL oil pipeline along U.S. President Barack Obama's motorcade as he arrives at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington

That was fast

BLUE STATE BLUES: Rick Perry battles Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn over jobs, Obamacare

'Why are 1,000 people a day moving to Texas if it's such a terrible place, man?'

Take that, California! Texas takes the lead in tech exports

Republican Presidential Candidates Debate In Michigan
Texas exported $45 billion in tech products

New cocktail tax hits drinkers in 2014

A bartender serves alcohol at a bar in Prague

Austin frat brothers hardest hit

You'll be surprised to see who's on Grover Norquist's 2016 presidential list

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Cruz, Paul, Rubio and Santorum aren’t on this list

Rick Perry is headed to Iowa

Perry Texas Governor.JPEG

Because the first try went so well

Enviros demand a 'Hurricane Marco Rubio'

Hurricane Forecast.JPEG

‘Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is incredibly dangerous’

The GOP's higher education opportunity

Student Loans.JPEG

Millenials are skeptical of one-size-fits-all control of education policy, and they’re looking for new solutions.

Wendy Davis for Texas governor in 2014?

Wendy Davis

‘I do think that in Texas people feel like we need a change’

Propagandizing pervert's peer publications prohibited from PXes

Larry Flynt at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo

Protectionism against the pornographer’s oppugners?

Most Europeans--and Americans--agree with Texas' abortion law

Abortion Restrictions Texas.JPEG

The pro-choice fringe is repudiated by science and public opinion, which is why they bring jars of urine.

Rick Perry signs 20-week abortion ban into law

Perry Texas Governor.JPEG

Texas Gov: ‘We celebrate and further cement the foundation on which the culture of life in Texas is built’

Bill from Texas Democrat ties death penalty abolition to abortion

Harold Dutton

Because 500 violent criminals are the same as millions of unborn children

Texas Senate passes abortion bill

Rick Perry

Gov. Rick Perry expected to sign bill into law

Red states dominate economic competitiveness rankings

Only one state in CNBC’s top 14 is led by a Democrat

Rick Perry won't run again for governor

Saying No to Obamacare.JPEG

Perry announced he will not run for re-election, signaling that he could be gearing up for another presidential run in 2016.