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Ron Paul rejects IRS demand that he name donors: 'They're back at it again'

‘We have the law, we have morality, we have the people on our side’

Ron Paul warns against US aid to Ukraine: 'It always backfires'

‘I think there are ulterior motives behind a lot of this’

Meet the GOP's main man for minority outreach

Sen. Rand Paul arrives for the Republican weekly policy luncheon on Capitol Hill

Black History Month is over, but Republican outreach to African-American voters is only just beginning.

Ron Paul to Obama: STAY OUT of Ukraine

'The Ukrainian people should do this'

Conservatives are rethinking the death penalty

Texas Execution Drug.JPEG

It doesn’t cost any less to execute prisoners, and the flaws in the system should raise the right’s doubts.

Ron Paul hammers new Fed chair

Former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul greets convention goers as he walks the floor before the start of the second session of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa

But really, he told TheDC, she is not the problem

Ron Paul: Obamacare may 'totally self-destruct' if millions of fed-up enrollees quit

'One day it's gonna be so bad, people will opt out'

Ron Paul: Government isn't there 'to make us safe'

‘The responsibility of government, if anything, is to protect our liberties’

Apple's Siri says Ron Paul represents her political views

CEO Tim Cook talks about Siri during an Apple event in San Francisco, California

Does Siri want to audit the Fed?

Ron Paul talks Ted Cruz

‘I have a few questions. But I think he has done a good job’

What's under this Indian burial ground?

Vatican Pope Saints.JPEG

See what’s happening to ‘sacred land’

Drafting Reagan for every war

This file photo shows former US Presiden

The 40th president was less bellicose than GOP hawks claim.

Ron Paul, Alex Wagner go head to head over alleged anti-Semitism of Virgin Mary group


Former Texas congressman fends off questions from ‘NOW’ host about one of his speaking engagements

These Iowa Republicans have a message for Obama

Iowa Republicans Senators.JPEG

‘We oppose the president beginning another war by bombing Syria’

WEINSTEIN: Rand Paul's Ron Paul problem

Rand Paul and Ron Paul

Why isn’t Ron Paul doing everything he can to help his son’s presidential ambitions?

Ron Paul shares his opinion of Chris Christie

Hear what Rand’s dad has to say

NOSEGATE: Why the 'holding my nose' recording was leaked

Ron Paul

A tale of two presidential candidates, a state senator and an alleged payment in exchange for crucial support

Let's grow up, paleoconservatives


The Republican Party isn’t just for hawks anymore

You don't have the Southern Avenger to kick around anymore

Jack Hunter

John Wilkes Booth-praising aide will return to punditry

Ron Paul to launch new media channel

Various groups affiliated with Paul announced The Ron Paul Channel, which is set to launch this summer