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Jeremiah Denton, former senator and POW who resisted captors, dies

Handout photo of retired rear admiral Jeremiah A. Denton Jr. in Washington

‘A war hero, an honorable senator, and a family man’

Republicans should assume Hillary is healthy

Hillary Clinton deflects questions from audience about running for President in 2016 during closing plenary session on second day of 2014 Meeting of Clinton Global Initiative University at Arizona State University in Tempe

They said Bob Dole was sick in 1996

'Centrist' free-marketeers misconstrue Reagan's land use legacy


Let Reagan be Reagan

Under Obama, are we Austria-Hungary?

Obama meets Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas at the White House in Washington

Even liberal historians assume America is a declining, decrepit power.

Rand Paul is nothing like Reagan on foreign policy

Rand Paul/Ronald Reagan

Don’t let Paul muddy the waters

Lee: Republicans have not done enough to deserve victory yet


‘It’s time for the Republican Party to stop talking about Ronald Reagan and start acting like him’

Why a strong American foreign policy will lead to better Russian relations

Russian President Putin declares the Olympic Games open during the opening ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Sochi

A ‘reset’ is a full-throated proclamation of weakness.

Textbook: Reagan was sexist, conservatives think people are evil and lazy

Ronald Reagan

Reagan ‘failed to appoint many women to significant positions of power’

BEDFORD: This is the future of the Republican Party

Cruz and Lee depart the Senate floor. 1200. Reuters/Jonathan Ernst.

Boehner and McConnell’s pale pastels

5 best Reagan quotes of all time

Honoring the Gipper on his 103rd birthday

ANTLE: Reagan's amnesty didn't work

Ronald Reagan

The real reason Republicans don’t trust immigration reform.

Reagan the wise


Historians and the press usually flatter presidents by writing about their supposed brilliance; not the Gipper.

Did Reagan MURDER Mandela?


Media hide the Gipper’s support for Mandela, opposition to apartheid

You can't be pro-life and want to nuke Iran

Mideast Iran United Arab Emirates.JPEG

As Reagan understood, respecting life means considering the moral implications of taking it

Why Nelson Mandela surprised us

Boy walks past a mural painted outside the house former South African President Nelson Mandela once lived in, in Johannesburg's Alexandra township

The U.S. case against him made sense at the time; but it turned out to be wrong

Will the GOP be libertarian or authoritarian?

U.S. Senator Cruz answers a question during the Reuters Washington Summit in Washington

If some hawks had their way, the Iran deal would take Republicans back to Bush and big government.

Mike Lee: Help families more, quote Reagan less

Sen. Lee speaks at "Million Vet March on the Memorials" at U.S. National World War II Memorial in Washington

‘We must become the party of Main Street’

How the Hollywood presidency was born

U.S. President Obama holds a news conference about the federal government shutdown in the briefing room of the White House in Washington

Tevi Troy’s new book highlights how presidents shaped mass media, and were shaped by it.

Defining conservatism down

U.S. Representative Ryan and fellow House Republicans are greeted by reporters as they depart a closed-door caucus meeting in Washington

Apparently, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security are now bedrock conservative programs. Can Obamacare be far behind?

THE GOOD FIGHT: How Cruz, Lee and Paul shut down Obama's agenda

Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. AP Images.

From gun control to amnesty to Syria, the White House is paralyzed