ruben gallego

Democrat Says He'll Work With Trump When His Ideas Aren't Stupid'

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'...a failing presidency.'

Ryan Zinke Fires Back At Dem Lawmaker Who Insulted Navy SEALs' Intelligence

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'I take offense about your derogatory comment'

Dem Congressman Calls Trump ‘A Psychopath’ Over School Shooting Remarks

Politics | David Krayden
‘America will regret the day you were ever born.’

Democrats Forced A Second Meeting On National Monuments Because They Skipped The First One

Energy | Tim Pearce

Democratic Rep Claims White House Employing 'Neo-Nazis'

Politics | Nick Givas
'You have to question whether or not this man is a racist'

How Many Times Does This Dem Rep Say 'Racist' In One Interview?

Politics | Amber Athey

Dem Rep Says Trump Is A Racist Because He Hasn't Tweeted About A Bomb Attack

Politics | Amber Athey

House Dems Push Back Against Idea Of US And Russia Working Together On Cybersecurity

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
'Notwithstanding any other provision of law'

Dems To Introduce Amendment Demanding Air Force Produce Reports On Trump Travel Costs

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Dems want to know how much is spent on what.

Dem Rep Calls For Congress To Set Up Brand New Military Service

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'This person is not going to man a machine gun'

Republicans Defeat Attempt To Restrict Illegals Joining The Military

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'I am glad to see that some Republicans are rejecting the tired, anti-immigrant policies promoted by the likes of Donald Trump'

House Panel Rejects Proposal To Give Illegals Quick, Easy Path Into Military

Politics | Jonah Bennett
Republican legislator said Americans should come first

Amendment To Allow Illegals In The Military Keeps On Trucking, Republicans Gear Up For A Big Fight

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'To jam this amnesty provision into the NDAA goes beyond the pale'

Democrats Want Illegals In The Military, But These Republicans Say It's Not Happening

World | Jonah Bennett
'Members of Congress are both endorsing a cycle of perpetual amnesty...and betraying struggling young Americans'

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