Rubio: Forget Cecil The Lion. What About Planned Parenthood 'Outrage'?

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Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

He’s not the only one asking that…

Limbaugh: John Kerry A 'Self-Absorbed Megalomaniac'

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Paging Rush Limbaugh...

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Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh: 'Left-Wing Orgasms' Running Wild Over Iran Deal

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Photo courtesy Newsbusters.

‘Somebody explain to me what foreign policy success Obama has ever achieved’

Rush Praises 'Remarkable' Walker: 'He's The One Guy In The Race With A Conservative Track Record'

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‘He’s the one guy that has something other than promises to make’

Limbaugh: Trump 'Has Changed The Entire Debate On Immigration'

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‘He has not buckled’

Limbaugh: 'There's An All-Out Assault On The Conservative Way Of Life'

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‘American conservatives are the threat’

Limbaugh: Dems 'Responsible' For Confederate Flag, 'When Did This Become A GOP Problem?'

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‘All these old racial segregationists, they’re all Democrats’

Limbaugh Rips House GOP Over Trade: 'A Sellout Of Republican Voters'

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‘House Republicans are working overtime to help Obama’

Limbaugh: 'Keep Your Eye' On O'Malley

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‘He is just the exact opposite from Hillary in practically every way’

Rush Rips WaPo For 'Black Votes Matter' Piece: 'Is That All Black People Represent?'

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Photo courtesy Newsbusters.

‘That’s all you mean to them’

Ed Schultz Jurors May Include Daily Caller Readers

The Mirror | Evan Gahr
Ed Schultz (Photo composition via TheDC)