Rush: Trump Not A Conservative

Elections | Steve Guest

‘And the bulk of Trump’s support is not the Republican base’

Rush: Obama's Number One Enemy Is The GOP And The Conservative Movement

Politics | Derek Draplin

Obama’s “dealing with ISIS is inept and incompetent and nonexistent.”

Listen To The Song That Epitomizes President Obama's View Of ISIS

Politics | Steve Guest

‘ISIS has been contained oh, yeah. ISIS is just all right with me. ISIS the JV team’

Limbaugh: Obama Is 'Petulant, Childish, Man-Child' For Refugee Stance

Politics | Steve Guest

‘How dare anybody oppose him?’

Limbaugh Endorses Speaker Ryan's Assessment Of Syrian Refugee Problem

Politics | Steve Guest
Limbaugh Endorses Speaker Ryan's Assessment Of Syrian Refugee Problem [Images via Getty]

‘Ryan’s idea of a pause here makes some sense’

Limbaugh: 'Obama Is... Looking Like An Incompetent Boob'

Politics | Steve Guest

‘This is failure of American leadership’

Limbaugh: The Democratic Party Is Proof Politics 'Showbiz For The Ugly'

Politics | Steve Guest

The Democratic Party has to ‘import Hollywood people’

Limbaugh: 'Friday, November Sixth Is The Assassination Attempt Of Ben Carson' By The Media

Elections | Steve Guest

There is an ‘electronic lynching being conducted’ against Carson

Limbaugh: Conservative Media 'Has Caused The Liberal Media To Abandon Any Pretense Of Objectivity'

US | Steve Guest
Rush Limbaugh

Democrats and the Left are to blame for the ‘partisanship in Washington’

Limbaugh Praises Trump's Plan To Negotiate Directly With Networks On Debates: 'This Is What A Leader Would Do'

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I’m not going to join this crowd. This crowd’s a bunch of losers’

Limbaugh: The CNBC Debate Was A 'Kill Show' To 'Grease The Skids For Hillary'

Politics | Steve Guest

Moderator John Harwood is ‘in the Hillary camp’

Limbaugh: Budget Deal Gives People 'No Reason Not To Vote For Hillary Clinton'

Elections | Steve Guest

Budget deal is ‘rubber stamp liberal Democrat budgetary philosophy’

Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Is 'Inarguably Thoroughbred Conservative'

Elections | Steve Guest

Ted Cruz ‘is positioned, I would say ideally’

Limbaugh On Turning Feminism Into A 'Bad Word': 'All I Did Was Expose It'

US | Steve Guest

The ‘word feminazi, they never gotten over because that word actually better explained what they were all about’

Rush Limbaugh: If Hillary Wins, The GOP Establishment Will Call For Amnesty

Elections | Steve Guest

Donald Trump or Ben Carson are the only guys who could prevent that

The Great Conservative Crack-Up Over Paul Ryan

Opinion | Scott Greer
U.S. Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) gestures as he walks on Capitol Hill in Washington October 20, 2015. (REUTERS/Yuri Gripas)

There’s a reason Ryan is getting criticized from the Right

Limbaugh: It's 'Like Somebody Took Her Off The Meds'

Politics | Steve Guest

‘She did a personality 180 change, like you haven’t seen. Bipolar’

Rush: 'Ryan As Speaker Of The House' Is Donor Class' Dream Scenario

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘First 12-18 months, the donor class agenda is implemented, including amnesty and whatever else they want.’

Rush: Dems Are Using LEGAL Immigration To 'Change The Demographics' Of Red States

Politics | Christian Datoc
Rush: Dems Are Using LEGAL Immigration To 'Change The Demographics' Of Republican States (YouTube)

‘They craft ways to overcome their defeats outside the electoral process’

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton's 'Only Accomplishment' Is Being A Woman

Elections | Steve Guest

‘I know in some people’s minds the jury is still out’