russia investigation

Multiple Top Republicans Tell Mueller To 'Wrap It Up'

Politics | Hillary Silverman
'Time for them to begin winding this down'

MSNBC Guest Suggests North Korea Summit Is Only A Distraction From Russia Investigation

Media | Julia Nista
... What?

Former Clinton Prosecutor Backs Trump: He 'Clearly Has The Authority' To Fire Mueller

US | Julia Nista
Ken Starr, independent prosecutor for former President Bill Clinton, said President Trump "clearly has the authority" to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller in an interview Sunday.

Trump UNLOADS On Mueller Ahead Of G-7 Conference

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'We still have the 13 Angry Democrats'

‘Starting To Regret Sitting Here’ — Sarah Sanders Roasts CNN’s Chris Cuomo After He Questions Her Credibility

Media | Julia Nista
'I think it hurts your credibility'

Roger Stone Says D'Souza Pardon Could Have Implications For Mueller Investigation

US | Scott Morefield
Sending a signal?

Here's How Much Mueller Has Spent On The Russia Investigation

US | Julia Nista
Millions in the last six months

Trump: 'I Never Fired James Comey Because Of Russia'

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'I never fired James Comey because of Russia!'

CNN Analyst Carl Bernstein Warns Trump May 'Take Us To An Authoritarian Place'

Media | Peter Hasson
'Trump does not want this story told'

Julian Assange Wants To Meet With Adam Schiff And Show 'There Is No Collusion'

US | Scott Morefield
Would he believe it? Probably not...

Key Facts Of The Trump-Russia Investigation That Shouldn't Be Ignored

Editorial | Stephanie Hamill
Obama took more action to stop Trump

Trump's Campaign Manager: Hillary Lost Because She Was 'Out Of Touch,' Not Because Of Russians

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'It’s so false '

So You Want To Talk Russian Meddling? Here's What You Should Know

op-ed | Gregory Keeley
Americans are blissfully unaware that Putin has tentacles wrapping tightly around several former Soviet states

FAKE NEWS: CNN Falsely Claims There Aren't 13 Democrats On The Mueller Probe

Politics | David Sivak

Former Trump Aide: Roger Stone Is 'Full Of Baloney' On WikiLeaks Source

Politics | Julia Nista
'We're performance artists'

Schumer: Conservative Media Manufactured 'Parade Of Conspiracies' On Mueller

Media | Julia Nista
'We should all be aghast'

Robert Mueller May Have Courted Same Russian Oligarch He's Investigating

Politics | Kyle Perisic
The Russian may have helped finance a failed 2009 FBI mission

Pence Tells Mueller: Time's Up On Your Investigation

Politics | Henry Rodgers
'In the interest of the country'

Laura Ingraham Hammers Devin Nunes On Not Reading Requested Documents -- 'How Serious Are You?'

Politics | Scott Morefield
She doesn't play favorites

The Glaring Omissions In James Comey’s Vindictive Tell-All Book

op-ed | James Gagliano
He can certainly spin a yarn

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